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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Summer 2015: Back To School, HTML5, Beta News...OH MY!

Hey pals!

I'm so sorry for not making a post due to work and as well family outings this summer. We are having a great time this summer and we hope you are having a safe and enjoyable one as well.

Back to School!

It's that time again that school is around the corner that is about to begin or already has now in the states.

I really dislike when the summer time goes so fast and the winter season goes so terribly slow.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the seasons and winter as well but I love the summer time. I know most of you do too. ^^' (Am I right?)

Well, school session has now began and we hope you all do your best and perform well during this new school session. Study hard, get good grades and when you have free time you can visit us to wind down. ;)

Be safe and enjoy your time during this school year! :)

HTML 5: Simulations Future..??

By now you are getting annoyed of the reference of 'HTML 5' and 'Adobe Flash' in these postings.  It's a BIG DEAL when the site you've created back in December 1, 2000 may be ending support on browsers...(or all together).

As in the news recently last month, major social media outlets like Facebook, Google, Twitch, just to name a few want Adobe Flash to be discontinued.  Reason behind it is due to the security vulnerabilities can cause your computer to be compromised by an attacker.

Read Here:

The less and less support for Adobe Flash on devices and web browsers, will not only be able to view Flash content but also not able to play the simulations.

Since the debut of Soarin 'The First Of It's Kind On The Web Experience' has made a way to reach more users of mobile smartphone/tablet/mobile devices than ever before.  This is also a stepping stone for the team to learn the new coding of HTML 5.

This is a concern for the team for the future of Adobe Flash usage and support, we are embracing new ways to help bring a better experience to all.

Beta News Update: #TMNewSim 

What could this be??!  The first 'teaser' of our newest upcoming simulation.  Details has not been released as of yet.  

New updated requirements for all new and returning users of our 'beta testers' group.  Mandatory rules must be followed or you'll will not be accepted in the group.  This is for serious testers who want to test out the latest projects and help us out with the bug reports from in-game experiences. 

We are looking also for those who have a smartphone/tablet/mobile devices.  If you have a gaming platform like: XBOX 360/ XBOX One, PS4, PSP, and Wii , we are looking for you too!

Beta Testing will be starting up soon! For those who have sent an request before and didn't make it in, re-send your request today!  

Send your request at: 


Themagical Behind the Scenes: Themagical Projects to date!

Unknown: (Internal Build: 2015.09.02/001) This build has been shown a 'teaser'
in this blog post. New features are being coded and information of this new simulation has not been announced as of yet! 
**Note: Due to high request, this build may or may not be release due to the progress of how the simulation was just 'teased'. 

Millionaire Play It: Trivia Version 2 (Beta Version: 041411/001.v2_triv) This simulation hasn't been updated since its public release due to the popular request of the "Steel Force Simulation" due date release and bug fixes. This will be updated and tied in with the current simulation of 'Millionaire Play It' as bug fixes with that simulation will bring the string code from version 1.0.8 to 2.0. To read the post of this announcement, click here! Video Preview, click here!
**Note: Due to high request, this build may or may not be release due to the progress of how the simulation is still unstable.

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