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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Expedition Everest Simulation Update 2

(*Click on the picture above to see it large.)

Update: October 25, 2008 ~ This is the latest development of the current Expedition Everest Simulation.

Click on the picture to see it larger. Again, since its under development it may not reflect the final version of the simulation.

Be sure to keep an eye here and as well "" site for the latest updates.

Christmas is coming up sooner than you think, we are excited to announce our successor after "Millionaire Play It" that "Expedition Everest" simulation is the next installment.

See you on the site!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Expedition Everest Simulation Update 1

As you already know that our next successor simulation after "Millionaire Play It" will be Expedition Everest!!

Production has been very smoothly and not that many bugs has encountered unlike MPI (Millionaire Play It). MPI was a huge simulation to do as well alot of functions had to be inplace in order to make the simulation run well like the real attraction at Disney's California Adventure as well Disney's Hollywood Studios (formerly known as Disney's MGM-Studios).

Since the databased crashed on October 8th, it was alot more work to be done to make the site back up and running again as it was before. So there was a slight delay on the progress EE sim (aka Expedition Everest Simulation) since the site had to be first made back online again.

But as of Oct. 21 we are back on schedule and found bugs. Which is good to find out since the bug in Adobe Flash not always catch it until you play with the swf file in test mode.

I'm please by how well its turning out to be and I know you guys and gals will enjoy the pleasure of playing another great attraction online as you relived the memories of being on EE or have the control of a major rollercoaster attraction from Disney's Animal Kingdom!

Screenshots of the current build of EE will not be displayed until permission from the webmaster of Tijn. But in due time, keep your eyes peeled for possible beta testing of EE since its part of the "Magical Wishes" promotion!

Until next time.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Magical Wishes Promotion 2008!!

NETHERLANDS/AMERICA August 8, 2008 – is presenting a fun promotion for all to enjoy! We are going to share you with fun surprises and as well to win some special items that you can proudly display or experience!We are calling this “Magical Wishes” promotion, so you guys can be part of the action and as well make some nice magical wishes come true along the way!We want everybody to have fun and enjoy this promotion as we are going to share you all magical wishes throughout this year as you visit us from day to day on our site!
Here’s what you can be winning through this promotion:
- Customized MPI signature with their screen account name on it or their name that's part of the sig.
- Special custom made avatar that can be used for the site (made specifically for their gender that will be matched to create a special avatar).
-Special Themagical’s signatures too! - Special request from the account holder that we could make their dream come true in a way of creating it!
- Millionaire fans that request the entire album of the millionaire sounds and more that was used for the simulation game!
- Beta testing!
- And much more…!
How to play “Magical Wishes”? You must be an active account holder of this site and as well interact on the forum page to be entitled to be part of the promotion. Please don’t spam the site to be part of the promotion! All we are asking for you to be part of the interaction with other users by responding to topics you are reading so others can hear your voice of opinion. Another way is emailing the simulation development team your wishes that you want to experience or be able to have for when you come to the site.* (*See official rules)
"How can I win a “magical wish”? To win a magical wish, it will be random at any given time/day and a user will be able to win a magical wish that we are giving out that day. One magical wish, per user, per account. We will be giving out a lot of magical wishes and experiences to account users but will only be able to have one and not *multiple magical wishes.If a user is caught by making multiple accounts with different email address or making false accounts to have magical wishes, they will be disqualified and terminated from the site. We want everybody to have a change to play fair and want to have fun by playing our promotion.
"When will this promotion start?" Themagical’s Magical Wishes will be starting today until the end of the year on January 1, 2009 at 11:59:59 EST. To view all the official rules for this promotion, see the official rules page for more information!


Hello all!

This is my first posting where you can see the latest developments of simulations in production as well hear my day to day things related to "Themagical" website, etc....

Looking forward to add new things and keep you updated.

Thanks for reading!

Have a magical day!

Simulation Development Team



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