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Monday, June 8, 2015

Disney Store Grand Re-Opening in Allentown, PA

Hello Friends!

It's been awhile since I've written anything for Themagical.  Personally my work has me been busy in the last month which made me not have enough time to write or show you more information about the 'upcoming new simulation' that's in the works!

Editorial Correction 6/10/15: Several pictures on the site were used by Valerie N. Moran that wasn't properly mentioned the usage of her photos. Pictures used with permission.  Thanks Valerie for the photos! 

:: Disney Store in Allentown, Pennsylvania Re-Opens! ::

Where I live there's a Disney Store in Allentown, PA located at the Lehigh Valley Mall that got 're-imagined' face lift along with extra pixie magic dust too!

Image: New Look of Store Entrance at Lehigh Valley Mall in Allentown, PA
© Disney |  © Randy Reighard

The Disney Store at the Lehigh Valley Mall original theme was a reflection of 'movie-making' with movie camera cranes, film strips of screenshots of classic movies, animated draw art of Disney characters and other small details of silly antics.  If you looked very closely, there were also 'hidden mickey's' icons throughout the store. 

Image: Store Entrance (Original Layout) |  © Disney

Image: Front Lobby Merchandise (Original Layout) |  © Disney

Image: Donald Duck on movie camera crane (Original Layout) |  © Disney

Image: Movie Camera Crane Bolts 'Hidden Mickey' icons (Original Layout) |  © Disney

Image: Movie Camera Crane Bolts 'Hidden Mickey' (Original Layout) |  © Disney

:: Disney Store Closure For Remodel ::

Back in February 16, 2015, a signage (shown below) at the front of the store showed to guests visiting the store that the Disney Store location was closing for a 'magical transformation'.  It took 3 months to change the original store layout to the new 'refreshed' look.

 Image: Store Closure for new transformation signage © Disney | © Randy Reighard 

Image: Disney Store Construction Walls © Disney © Randy Reighard

Image: Be Part Of The Magic Signage Promo © Disney | © Randy Reighard

Announced by 'The Walt Disney Company' in 2009, a nationwide stores transformation with a new color theme, interactive elements, new art decor, and so much more! The New York City version in Times Square was 're-imagined' 4 years ago, as the Lehigh Valley Mall counter part store is a smaller version of that store.

Here's myself standing in front of the store's logo during a 'soft preview' store opening a week before the grand re-opening on June 6, 2015 (shown below).

Image: Myself Standing Front Of Disney Store Logo © Disney | © Randy Reighard

:: Disney Store 'New Transformation' Celebration Reveal on June 6, 2015 ::

Image: Grand 'Re-Opening' Disney Store Signage on June 6, 2015  © Disney 

On June 6, 2015, you can count your 'hidden mickey's' that it was packed in the early morning at the Lehigh Valley Mall. Approximately 1,000 people showed up for the opening and the excitement was contagious!!

Disney Cast Members were greeting at the mall's top floor entrance and asking guests if they are here for to see the opening.  Once acknowledge by a cast member, we were directed to the forming line to see the store.  

Image: Store Entrance Closed Before Reveal © Disney | © Valerie N. Moran 

There were several hundred people when we got in line by 9:30AM and it was building up quickly as the time got closer to the reveal at 10AM.  During the wait, Disney Cast Members were interacting with guests and also handing out mickey ears hat to the first 500 people.

Image: Limited Edition Commemorative Mickey Ears Hat  
© Disney | © Randy Reighard

Image: Myself showing my #DisneySide with my Mickey Ears Hat 
© Disney | © Randy Reighard

Here's the meet and greet platform where Mickey and Minnie Mouse will be seeing their pals from 12-4pm.  © Disney | © Randy Reighard

At 10am, Dani a Disney Cast Member welcomed all guests to the opening ceremony of the Disney Store.  Guests waiting in line cheered and applauded when she asked 'If we were ready for the grand re-opening of the Disney Store?'  The store general manager Lisa came out and greeted everyone.  

Lisa also welcomed a pre-picked guest to open the store with the golden 'Mickey Key' to unlock the door entrance.  She was excited to announce 'Mickey and Minnie Mouse' to help along with the opening of the store.

Image: Mickey and Minnie Mouse waving at guests to help open the store. 
© Disney 

Image: Mickey and Minnie Mouse helping along to open the store.  
© Disney | © Randy Reighard

Dani took over the microphone and asked everybody to count down from 5 to open the store!  The place went wild and everybody cheered!  Here's the video that I took from my iPhone 6 of the opening ceremony (shown below)!!

© Disney | © Randy Reighard
Can't view it? Click here to watch it:

Image: Disney Cast Member Ceremony Flag. It was waved in the air when the store 'officially' opened to the public (shown in video above). © Disney | © Randy Reighard 

:: Disney Store 'Reveal' :: (*Spoiler Alert)

Image: New Look of Store Entrance at Lehigh Valley Mall in Allentown, PA
© Disney |  © Randy Reighard

Departing from the 'movie making theme' from this store original layout, we are now taking a new journey to follow the pixie dust blue walkway through an immerse interactive shopping experience with your imagination leading the way! 

You are first greeted with a glittering blue walkway at the front entrance. On to the right side, you see a 'Disney' style castle with a mannequin princess atop.  

Image: Disney 'style castle' with mannequin princess atop. 
© Disney | © Randy Reighard

On the left side, you are encountered with Star Wars merchandise.  The Disney Store imagineers creators took the time to even add Pennsylvania icons tributes along the top banner of the store that's unique to the surrounding area.

Image:  Wallpaper Art Decor  © Disney | © Randy Reighard

Image: Art Decor Pennsylvania icon tributes unique to the surrounding area 
© Disney | © Randy Reighard

We are now taking a new journey to follow the pixie dust blue walkway through an immerse interactive shopping experience with your imagination leading the way!

Image: Pixie dust blue walkway © Disney | © Randy Reighard

Along your journey through the immersive store, trees are planted along the path to greet you.  At first glance you see tree leaves glowing with colorful lighting, but if you look closely you can see some of your favorite Disney characters hiding among the leaves.

Image:  Trees are planted along the path to greet you. © Disney | © Randy Reighard

Image: Tree leaves with colorful lighting. Do you see a  hiding Disney Character among the leaves?  © Disney | © Randy Reighard 

:: Disney Store Cast Members ::

From the closure of the store to the revealing of the new store, the Disney cast members were hard at work to make sure the magic was shown to all ages who visited the store.

On June 6, 2015, Disney Cast Members from near by locations helped out to help control the lines and crowd.  They interacted with younger guests and older ones too!  They smiled and greeted each one who entered the LONG and VERY crowded lines in the mall to see the new store and as well to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

I'm happy to gotten to know these wonderful people who 'create magic' everyday when visiting their store.  It's the contagious 'magic' they share make a small shopping trip a memorable one.  

Image: Disney Cherry Hill, New Jersey Cast Members Posing With Mickey And Minnie
 © Disney | © Valerie N. Moran 

:: Disney Cast Member Creates 'Magic' For Guest ::

Disney is known for their exceptional leadership in the industry and exceptional service that Disney Cast Members help create 'magic' for guests who visit the parks and retail stores around the world.

On June 6, 2015, was no exception for a Disney Cast Member to create 'magic' for their visiting guests.  

From the time of the opening of the store at 10am till 12 noon, there was a 3 hour wait to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  

Image: Mickey Posing With Pals at the Lehigh Valley Mall in Allentown, PA 
© Disney | © Valerie N. Moran 

Image: Families Meet And Greet Mickey Mouse at Lehigh Valley Mall in Allentown, PA
© Disney | © Valerie N. Moran 

Those who braved the long waited line Felicia Beam was one of many guests who came to see the new store opening and as well see Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

Felicia was waiting in line but as the time got late, she had to leave the line..."My daughter's dance recital is tonight so my mom apologized to my brother for not being able to wait. Told him he'll see mickey in November. The cast member with mickey saw my mom leave the line and walk away. She ran to them and put my brother in the front of the line to see his best friend. He's so very happy now and so is my mom. So to the CM out there at Lehigh Valley Mall, thanks for making their day!" 

Image: Felicia Beam's brother with his pal Mickey Mouse. © Disney | © Felicia Beam

:: Special Thanks and Closing Thoughts ::

I'm very happy and honored to be part of the opening ceremony at my local Disney Store. The Disney Cast Members did a amazing job keeping the 'magic' flowing that day and as well keeping the crowds happy.

Special Thank You to © Valerie N. Moran for posting photos of the event and helping out the Lehigh Valley Mall Disney Store! 

Special Thank You to Felicia Beam for sharing her Disney Experience Moment that happened on June 6, 2015 and as well her brother having a special experience to see his best pal that day.

Special Thanks for for the older pictures of my local Disney Store.  Click here to see the gallery.

Thanks for reading!  Until Then, talk to you real soon!