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Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Dear Friends, 

Happy New Year from Themagical Team!

:: Happy New Year: 2016 ::

Like many of our international friends have already celebrated 2016 since the time difference is ahead than our time in the United States.

Themagical wishes you all a safe and healthy New Year!

:: Simulation Update: Open Public Beta Testing HTML5 Simulation ::As this year starts off with BIG Changes by how we will be presenting future simulations.  With the losing support of Adobe Flash as it moves to the new web standard HTML5 , we are in a position where we are now able to reach to more mobile users while keeping the same feel of our Flash simulations.

Though we are trying to find a more common platform where all users can be able to play without limitation. The new moving forward to HTML5 coding, we are all learning this code so we can push out more faster simulation projects than ever before.

Testing new 'magic' is always fun but can be glitchly and buggy at times.  We are trying out Google's Swiffy platform ( to output our Flash game to a somewhat stable HTML5 coding. 

Just know, this isn't the final version of our 'classic' flash simulation migration to HTLM5 simulation. This is ONLY a testing-phase, be aware it may use some PC resources due to the rendering. 

Test it out here: (HTML5 Beta Big Thunder Mountain Simulation) 

:: 15 years Themagical, New Website Refresh ::

With 2015 behind us now, we are looking forward to the new year with a fresh new look.  The new website has some newer features and more stability overall performance. 

Please be aware that this site runs in beta mode, the user accounts have been transferred, but you have to renew your password, to regain access to this website, due to the migration. 
To get a new password, click on the "Forgot Your Password" tab below, and closely follow the instructions.

You can see a sneak peek by visiting it here:

Themagical Staff 

(Side Note: We've updated our "Beta Testing FAQ". With that in mind, please take a visit to review the page of the new updates. Click here to read it or click on the tab above that reads "Beta Testing FAQ".)