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Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's Next?

Hey There!

We've been very pleased of the results of how you all been enjoying the 'public release' of the
'Steel Force Simulation' over at !

We are happy from the feedback we've been getting from Twitter & Facebook feeds of how you been enjoying it.

Here's some quotes of some members from saying about the simulation:

- "The simulator turned out great, it is really fun to play." -Yoshi

-"That was actually fun! Thanks for the hard work you guys put into that!" - HK36

-"That is really cool! Glad to see it up and running finally." - Kozmo 1

Now I bet you are wondering (or have been wondering), "What's Next??!"

Here's some information that I have from the webmaster of Dorneyonline:


"The next ride has been selected and some initial work done. This one will be developed by me using HTML5 instead of Flash. I'll give more details once I finish creating the Soarin' simulation for" - Josh (Webmaster of"

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday 4 years of Blogging !

Hey There!

Just in time to celebrate our 4th year of blogging that's part of website!

Talk about time flying by to lose track of the years its been since I've started blogging for Themagical's website. It's been an interesting 4 years of blogging I must say since many readers around the world read this to see what's cooking up at Themagical website.

May 1, 2009 is when this blog went LIVE for the first time. The purpose of the blog was to bring the latest sneak peeks of the latest projects we are working on at Themagical.  From that it helps us show our readers what's it takes to bring a simulation to life and how's its made.

The vision of the blog is basically I had in mind is to bring 'relevant news, important updates, behind the scenes look, beta testings, and as well readers feedback'.  I can say that I've been pushing out posts on what's hot and as well on the time schedule that I can write when I'm free from my busy work schedule.

4 years in writing:

This has been a journey for me since writing openly from my heart to connect to our readers to not only share fun stuff but as well how our daily lives has the affect of bringing the magic of Disney rides/attractions to life.

Learning to be open on the Internet has its benefits and as well its has cons of how I interact with peeps who visit our website on a daily basis.  From that I met new friends and followers via Twitter because of my outreach to people who don't know what 'Themagical' is.

Themagical website when I stumbled upon back in April of 2006 I recall was ALL IN DUTCH language. This site was a gem on the internet that I wished I had found sooner. This site was the first time I actually cried happy tears as I was playing the game "Tower Of Terror".

The game 'Tower Of Terror' was bringing me back memories of when my family first visited the Walt Disney World Resort in 1996 of September.  From playing the game, seeing the virtual people entering the ride made me recall my first memory of the attraction and how I was reacting to all the details that the Disney Imagineers have done to the attraction.

Ever since that day of playing the "T.O.T. Simulation" (Tower Of Terror for short), made me more appreciative of the creator who done a great job on creating those details in a virtual environment where the 'magic lives'.

New Projects Revealed & Announced: 

Not only writing has made me to be open-communication on the internet with our readers, it has also made us to bring a faster way to bring new content: NEW PROJECTS!

From keeping the magic continuing for the site and community to enjoy new stuff was to bring fun and exciting new projects for Themagical.

This allows to share our excitement to our devoted followers and readers of the blog to also be excited as well! From this helped us to bring more energy to the site and as well opening new opportunities partnership as well!

New Projects we've revealed on here was: Expedition Everest Simulation, Reighard's Live Show, Cosmic Reid's/Magic 24.7 Radio Partnership, Partnership, Test Track Announcement, Steel Force Simulation, and so much more.....

Closing Thoughts:

I'm happy by how far this has been and the wonderful connections and friends I've made along too. I want to 'Thank You' our readers!

Thank you for reading and your support on believing on us when times seemed to be slow or even dead on certain projects we've been working on.

Before ending the post, here's our "MONTHLY LINKS: APRIL":


Monthly Links: APRIL

Here's the TOP links for the month of "APRIL" that you the readers seems to enjoy reading very much!








We appreciate you and hoping another 4 more plus years to come!

Until Then,