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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

How's it going? Enjoying your summer?

Hey everybody!

I'm glad to speak with you again and wishing you are having a great time on your "staycation" uh....I mean summer vacation this summer season.

By now, august is the sign of the end of summer and I trust you are doing well this summer season.

We at staff are doing well and have been busy over the last couple months of working at our normal daily lives jobs but making some time for the flash site project.

We have completely redo the site to a more book theme. We are still making changes to have that touch we are looking for. The feel of the site and as well easy to navigate around the site.

You can visit the flash site at : **Be sure you have the lastest Adobe Flash Player version to view the site. (*Version 10 is required and recommended to use).

Sorry for not updating this for while. It's been a busy summer for me and several situations happened to me during this summer. Let's just say my body is really going through a tough time this summer! :O ! 0_o!?

More updates shall be coming soon! Enjoy the rest of your summer break!

Until Then,