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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chat with US LIVE VIA IM!!

Yes! A special announcement for all to enjoy! We'll be chatting with you Live tomorrow at two different times so those can make it to our chat room session.

Chat Session Schedule: *Today: In Session now & 11pm EST (Eastern Standard Time U.S)Current Chat Status: See themagical's chat session page for more details.
Location: Web site here.

**NOTICE: Due to this free chat room service, we can only allow 100 users at one session. That's why we recommend you pick the two times we have. If you didn't make it in either of our chat sessions, post it here and we'll see if we have time to make another session that day or another day at a different time. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause for others to join our chat session. We may have another session at a future time and date. Thanks for your understanding!

To join our chat room, you'll need to do the following:

- Open the chat room in a 'new browser window' instead of using a tab.
- Just make up a user name to sign in. *You don't have to create an account to join our chat room!
- You should use Internet Explorer 7 (or higher) & Firefox 3.5 (or higher) is recommended to have the best experience.
- You must have Java / Java plug-in enabled in your browser. If you don't have Java, you need to download for free from Java's website:

If you have any questions about this special session, please don't hesiate to contact us:
Email me (Reighard) at:


Special thanks to for allowing us to use their chatting service!

Monday, October 12, 2009

School in session!

Hey all!

I trust you had a great summer 'staycation' (instead of vacation due to the ressions economy) this year and as well having fun with our current simulations.

By now, most of you have went back to school and have homework and possibly mid-terms by now! But don't worry, in your free time you can have fun and talk to our commuity or us when your done with your school work of course! ;)

It's October here in the states and I bet most of you guys (and gals) are getting ready for the festives of halloween events. I know by working at my job, halloween is huge thing and as well a big event in my area. I know alot of you are getting excited by it too!

The fall leaves blooming, the autium air of the cool crispness, and enjoying fall treats like pumpkin pie, candy and hot apple cider! This is the best time to enjoy the fall season at its fullest. (BRING ON THE CANDY!! heheh lol) :D

For those who aren't into halloween, there's always alternatives to enjoy the halloween event without all the ghosts and scary stuff that goes along with halloween.

Whatever you do, have a great October season! :)

Anyways, what's new for Themagical News:
Adobe Flash CS5: New Feature Flash to create for iphone games/apps!!

Flash Professional CS5 will enable you to build applications for iPhone and iPod touch using ActionScript 3. These applications can be delivered to iPhone and iPod touch users through the Apple App Store. *A public beta of Flash Professional CS5 with prerelease support for building applications for iPhone is planned for later this year. * Sign up to be notified when the beta starts.

At MAX 2009, Adobe showed a number of applications and games for iPhone that have been built using a prerelease version of Flash Professional CS5. These applications are available now for you to download from the Apple App Store:

Chroma Circuit
Trading Stuff
Just Letters
South Park
That Roach Game
Red Hood

Developing for the Apple Iphone using Flash Article. Click here to read it!

Developer FAQ---------------Frequently Asked Questions
When will Adobe Flash Platform tooling support building applications for iPhone?

A public beta of Flash Professional CS5 including support for building applications for iPhone is planned for later this year. Sign up to be notified when the beta is available.

How does the Flash Platform tooling update help developers?

The tooling update allows developers to use Flash technologies to develop content for iPhone and iPod touch, devices that were previously closed to them. Developers can write new code or reuse existing web content to build applications for iPhone. Because the source code and assets are reusable across the Flash Platform runtimes,—Adobe AIR and Flash Player—it also gives developers a way to more easily target other mobile and desktop environments.

How is this different from Adobe Flash Player 10 coming to iPhone? Will iPhone users be able to view web content built with Flash technology in the iPhone browser?

The new support for iPhone applications in the Flash Platform tooling will not allow iPhone users to browse web content built with Flash technology on iPhone, but it may allow developers to repackage existing web content as applications for iPhone if they choose to do so.

Flash Player uses a just-in-time compiler and virtual machine within a browser plug-in to play back content on websites. Those technologies are not allowed on the iPhone at this time, so a Flash Player for iPhone is not being made available today.

Flash Professional CS5 will enable developers to build applications for iPhone that are installed as native applications. Users will be able to access the apps after downloading them from Apple’s App Store and installing them on iPhone or iPod touch.

Can applications for iPhone built with Flash Platform tooling be delivered through Apple’s App Store?

Yes. Developers can deliver applications built with Flash Platform tooling just like any other iPhone application. This will require the developer to be a member of the iPhone Developer Program and follow the program guidelines.

Do developers need to participate in Apple’s iPhone Developer Program in order to develop or deploy applications for iPhone using the Flash Platform tools?

Yes. A developer certificate from Apple is required in order to test and deploy applications to iPhone. Apple provides information on its developer programs at

Are applications for iPhone built with Flash Platform tools interpreted at runtime?

No. iPhone applications built with Flash Platform tools are compiled into standard, native iPhone executables, just like any other iPhone application.

Can applications load SWF files or other code at runtime, such as a module from a website?

No. iPhone applications built with Flash Platform tools are compiled into standard, native iPhone executable packages and there is no runtime interpreter that could be used to run ActionScript bytecode within the application.

Which version of the iPhone SDK/operating system is supported by the applications?

Applications can be built targeting iPhone OS 3.0 and later.Will applications built with Flash Platform tools work on iPod touch? iPhone 1.0? iPhone 3G? iPhone 3GS?Applications should work on all iPhone and iPod touch devices. However, as the hardware specifications of the devices are widely divergent, content performance may vary between devices and device generations.

* Delivery through the App Store requires participation in the iPhone Developer Program and approval of the application by Apple.

Source: Adobe Labs


Be sure to take a look at "Themagical Simulations Page" at !

Trust you have week and as well do well in school this year!

Until next time!


Simulation Development Team