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Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Back...November 3, 2013

Hey Friends,

Yes, its the time of year again (for those who follow 'daylight savings time' in the United States) where we turn back our clocks back 1 hour behind.


Daylight Saving Time (United States) 2013 began at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, March 10
and ends at 2:00 AM on
Sunday, November 3


For those who forget what to do when these times happen, remember:
'Spring Forward - Fall Back'.

:: Soarin News: Starting up 'Beta Testers Group' ::

As you've last recall, we've announced the 'LIVE' page over at Themagical for our upcoming simulation 'Soarin'. 

If you haven't, here's the direct link to it: 

Right now, we are taking requests for being part of our 'beta testers group'.  We've made a post about the new requirements that you must follow in order to participate the testing.

We do this periodically so others who haven't got a chance to test the latest simulation project can get there chance. 

If you are new to the group or want to read up on the requirements, be sure to click on the link here:

Any questions on the 'beta testing', be sure to email me at:


Hope you have (or had) a great and safe Halloween!  

Until Then,