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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EE Update 4 November 11, 2008

Expedition Everest Update 4: November 11, 2008!!

As you see below, the november 11 screenshot is the latest update/development in the coming soon simulation by Christmas 2008.

(Click on Screenshot to see it upclose.) ;)

Webmaster/Simulation Developer: "I normally give almost every object a new place during the development, to find the ideal feel and look of the controls. I have removed the train status fields from the control panel, and created a separate module, which can be switched off and on.Also added a new control option, the "Visitor Flow" module. With this advanced option, you can control the flow of visitors. Beside that option, there is a choice to enable the Standby row and the Fastpass row."

We are excited on how close the simulation is ready to be play for the public. We have alot to do from this point and adding features and touches to make it ready for online by Christmas 2008.

**NOTE: Not one single person have emailed me from this blog site to be our beta tester. So you still have a chance to be our beta tester.

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beta Testers!! EE Update 3

Hello fellow readers,
We at site would like to invite our readers to play and beta test our latest and coming soon simulation..."Expedition Everest"!
5 lucky readers will get a chance to beta test as well give us your honest feedback about the current beta build.
The first 5 readers who's reading this right now and emails me at: will be able to beta test our coming soon simulation.
You can see the latest updates at our official blog at:
We'll let you know if you are a winner to play our simulation.
Thanks and have a magical day!
Simulation Development Team
"You not just playing a game; you are in control of the game!" - Play the theme park simulations at

Election Day 2008! Nov. 4th

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting today. It's been a busy morning for me since I had to wake up early to beat the rush of people who are going to work in the morning shift. :P

Today is a huge event that happens every 4/8 years, and its been an exciting moment as the results and reports are coming across the country with the votes.

For those in the US States, go cast your vote. Don't think your vote doesn't matter, it really does. Those few votes really does make a huge difference. Make your voice heard by voting today at your local areas that you need to vote at. :D
More Expedition Everest simulation updates are coming up soon! Keep yourself updated as more information and pics come available. :)
Until Next time,

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We have people!! Oct 30th 2008 Build

WE HAVE PEOPLE!!! :O !!! Yes, we are at the moment of adding the coding of guests coming into our EE building queue lines!!

This is the newest build to date October 30, 2008 that has now adding the people go through the queue for the first time now. :D

Below you'll see the latest pic of the queue line (Left: Stand by Right: Fast Pass) with the guests going through the line.

(Night Version of Current Build 30, 2008)

Looking forward to adding the other details to the queue lines, the yeti, etc...

Until then!