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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 review of Steel Force Simulation

Hey Everybody!

Our Friend over at website, made a nice review of our 'Steel Force Simulation' game.

It's a fun read! Be sure to check it out the review and as well his website!

You can read it here:


*Don't forget to play the simulation, over at !

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Soarin News, Mystery Sim, Help Needed....OH MY!

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Hey There Friends! 

Hope you are doing well since its been another quiet news on my end.  But in this posting we have a few things to cover, so without further ado....


::Soarin News::

Recently over at our 'Facebook Group Page' for Themagical, one of our community member asked about 'Any Updates'?

Josh has been working behind the scenes development for quite some time since our last talked on Facebook chat.

Here's what he had to say about the progress of the Soarin Simulation:

"I've been making lots of progress on Soarin' recently, but don't have any interesting milestones to report on yet. I'm just as excited to get this finished as you all are to play it!"

Source:  (Themagical's Facebook Group Page)


::Mystery Simulation::

The new simulation is slated for Q4 (4th quarter: October, November, December), as we are getting closer to release Soarin Simulation. 

Our beta testers will be getting hands-on once we feel its 'beta-ready' quality to be tested.  We feel this is a nice move from the 'stand-by mode' on Test Track Simulation due to the trip of our webmaster visited with his family this year. 


::Help Needed::

First of all, we want to 'thank you' for your continual support at Themagical website/blog.  It sounds dumb to mention it over and over again but its necessary how much we really appreciate our fans & community members. 

We really can't do this without your help and we are greatly appreciate you by spreading the word about our simulation creations through word of mouth, website blogs, social media, etc....

Things aren't cheap and keeping a website running online is expensive. By you clicking on the graphical ad-placement on our website & blog, is helping us keep the site running, paying hosting, and as well investing into better software in order to bring a more enjoyable online experience.

By your help, we are keeping the magic alive and hopefully making better simulations from the outcome.  I'd say that's a nice deal, right?


::Closing Thoughts::

As summer rolls around the corner, we want you to be safe and have a great summer vacation.  We are hoping to release more news about Soarin and revealing the opportunity to help us out to beta test it. 

Keep up on the latest updates here!

Until Then,