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Sunday, April 12, 2020

Themagical is here for you

Hi Friends!

We hope you are doing well during this unfortunate virus outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) while trying to be safe and healthy.

:: "Checking In is NOT just for places" ::

We want to make sure that Themagical is here for you!   Even though we are a simulation website to past some (quarantine) time when you are bored, needing a #DisneyFix, having a #amusementparkwithdrawal , or maybe curious how the 'magic' of your favorite Disney ride attraction works.  Thank you for visiting us!

How is Themagical helping during the COVID19 outbreak:

  • Social Media Accounts: If you aren't already following us, connect with us! Search "" on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!
  •  Website Access Availability: We may experience possible Internet lagging or server down-time due to heavy website usage in the weeks ahead. We are trying to keep this website available for all to enjoy during this unprecedented time. We apologies for any inconvenience it may cause for you.
  • Messenger Chat: If you are a member on our Facebook page, you are welcome to chat with us! We will try our best to respond to your language via Google Translate if you are in need to talk to us. Themagical team will be happy to chat with you, but please understand the time difference that your message response may be delayed for a immediate response from us.
  • Email Communications:  If you need to talk us via email, email Themagical team: Martijn (Webmaster/Founder of Themagical/Simulation Creator) || Reighard (Co-Admin of Themagical/Simulation Creator) 
  • Live Stream Events: Reighard will be doing 'Live Shows' to connect with the community.  Be sure to follow him via Twitter (@randydorney) for when he will be broadcasting and click on the tab "Late Nite with Randy" above on this blog page. 
:: #TMNewSim on-track! ::

From our last update back in February of this year, #TMNewSim is on-track on our simulation development.

Beta testing will be announced to our beta testing members when we feel the simulation is ready for testing.

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media accounts for special previews of our upcoming HTML5 simulation for by following #TMNewSim ! 

:: Closing Thoughts: How are you doing lately? ::

Themagical team is here for you and we want to make sure you how are you doing lately?  We will try our best to connect with you if you are in need to talk.

We sincerely appreciate you all.

Thank you for reading this blog site and visiting !

Until then,


Monday, April 6, 2020

Themagical statement on COVID19

Dear Community Users,

I’ve been hesitated to write about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and by now, you’ve likely learned the rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation that’s affecting all factors of everyday activities from social gatherings such as movie theaters, special events, amusement theme parks, restaurants, and more. anticipates high volume website usage in the weeks ahead. We encourage your patience in case of Internet lagging and possible downtime experience while playing our simulations. We apologies for any inconvenience it may have caused.

Themagical team suggest the following in regards to the COVID-19:
• Please take care for yourself and especially the ones who are more vulnerable to the virus.
• Wash your hands for 20 seconds and disinfect your keyboard, mouse, *smartphones, *tablets, and other devices with disinfection wipes. *Check your manufacture for proper cleaning of your devices.
• Keep a safe distance from others (Social Distancing).
• Stay at home as much as you can if you feeling sick or if you are able to work from home.
• Follow the guidelines of your the Health Departments & Government of your country.

Take Care and Stay Safe!

Themagical Team

Saturday, February 1, 2020

TMNew Sim - Project 2020 First Insider Build

Hello Friends! 

We are now into the 'first day of the new month' of February! 2020 is already moving quite fast.

Let's start off the 'first day' of the new month with some 'breaking news'!

:: #TMNewSim : #Project2020 ::

On Reighard's Twitter account, we got our first glimpse of the upcoming #HTML5 simulation for 

As you can see below from the tweet, we can see the first 'inside build number' of the simulation in progress.

Here's a quote from the webmaster/founder of Themagical "Martijn Leseman" of his current development of " #Project2020 " :

"Since the reusable coding of #HTML5 from the previous simulations, I was able to add a lot of the code already to the project.  I started #TMNewSim #Project2020 as a try out, did not expect to be build that quick! ~ Martijn Leseman" 

:: Thoughts? ::

What do you think could it be of our next upcoming #TMNewSim #Project2020 #HTML5 simulation at

Until Then,


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Happy New Year 2020! Dominator is now available

Hello Friends!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 'New Year'!  Thank you for all your support in playing our simulations over these years! 

It's amazing that 20 years has gone by since coming online on December 1, 2000! We are very excited on what the coming future holds as we move forward from Adobe Flash to HTML5 simulations.

Thank you again!  Happy New Year 2020!!

:: Dorney Park's "Dominator" simulation is 'Now Available'! ::

Releasing today on January 1, 2020 , Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom in Allentown Pennsylvania USA "Dominator" space blasting tower simulation is "Now Available" for your enjoyment!

We want to thank all our beta testers who helped us test this newest #HTML5 simulation. They helped us find bug issues/glitches and of course made some suggestions to help this simulation better.

Head over to and click on "Dominator" at the top of the website to play!

© Cedar Fair L.P. | © | ©

 :: #TMNewSim 'Project 2020' and #Themagical20 ::

Starting on January 1, 2020 , we announced a new simulation will be coming soon with the tagline: "Project 2020".   At this time, we are currently looking over our options on what will be a great simulation from your suggestions that we've got over the years.  

We will be considering all suggestions and ideas for possible future simulations for Themagical.  We are also looking for a better cms and arcade feature option as we are moving forward away from Adobe Flash and using HTML5 for all future simulation development.

Stay tuned for more information by following our social media outlets and our hashtag : #TMNewSim 

::  #Themagical20 ::

Themagical will be celebrating 20 years online this coming December 1, 2020!  Even though it's far away right now, we will be sharing some fun new information about this special day.

We have some fun things planned for you to join in the fun!  We are excited for this opportunity to share with you all and as well some of our friends will be helping us along the way to help us celebrate this wonderful event!

Be sure to follow the official hashtag : #Themagical20 on our social media outlets and this blog for all the latest news about this exciting event! 

If you have any questions in regards to this special event or you are wanting to help us share some fun for our fans of Themagical, send me an email!  

You can email at: add the subject title: "Themagical 20 help"

:: Closing Thoughts ::

Thank you all for enjoying our journey from the last decade from playing our simulations to reading this blog.

We are excited on what's ahead of us and we appreciate you all for joining us by playing our simulations and sharing this site to your friends and family!

2020 is already looking exciting with our release of 'Dominator Simulation', our upcoming future project and Themagical's 20th year celebration!

Until Then,


Friday, November 22, 2019

Dominator Simulation Beta Testing Details

© Cedar Fair L.P.  |  ©  |  ©

Hello Friends!

I hope you are doing well!  I thought to give you some fun 'geeky' details on what's happening with the upcoming HTML5 simulation "Dominator"!

:: Concept Design Changes: GUI and more...! ::

Here's already known bugs with the current build for beta testers:

--Known/Reported Bugs--


- Bugs Fixed ! Reported 3 bugs are now fixed in this latest build number!


Bugs Found ! FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

Loading Waiting Area: Fastlane : Dominator.js RT_CloseQueueGateEnd 2966:57 :
- Can't load 'Waiting Area' Green Tower from Fastlane. (You can load the 'Waiting Area' for the 'Green Tower' from 'Standby'.)

Entrance Gates: Green and Red Towers:  Dominator.js tl_FLQueueGates 2132:8 & 1828:8 :
- Once both "Waiting Areas" are fully loaded, can't open "Entrance Gates" even though the 'orange blinking enabled' button has been activated.


Bug Found ! - Looking into coding to find the issue: Dominator.js 2157 Line 12 & 13  FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

**Update: 10/19/19Temporary 'Work Around': Wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute (or a few more minutes depending on how many 'clicks' you did on the 'Safety Check' button) before pressing the 'Safety Check' button.

Green Tower Loading Sequence: Bug Found !  FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

- When loading the game the first time, loading the green tower from either 'Fast Lane' or 'Standby' queues will cause this bug to load.
Ex.) Loading from "Fast Lane" :
- Opening Entrance Gates
- Load Station
- Closed Entrance Gates
- Open 'Safety Bars'
- Load Tower ('Safety Check' is enabled with blinking 'orange' light.)
- Close 'Safety Bars'
- 'Safety Check' is enabled with blinking 'orange' light.

Unable to load 'safety check' guests for this tower. Looking into coding to find the issue: Dominator.js 2157 Line 12 & 13FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

=== CHANGELOG: ===


- BGM Audio Removed: Christmas loop (Since the park isn't open during the 'winter seasons', the Christmas loop isn't necessary.)
- Control Panel Text Color Changes: From 'White' to 'Aqua' color.
- Bug Fixes : 3 reported bugs has been fixed. Look above to see the bug reports.


- Enhanced Graphic User Interface (GUI) :
-- Control Panel : An updated 'glossy' 'Control Panel' has been updated from the metal background graphic to black glossy edges interface.
-- Updated Font Text: From the previous build, a new 'square-like' font has been update throughout the graphic interface.

- Sound Effects: Added New BGM Music: 3 new background music has been added for your listening pleasure. You can turn them on/off to cycle through which music you prefer to listen to.  After the music is over, it will be switched to another BGM music. These music are royalty-free and you can learn more about it by visiting their website at:

-Outside Lights Updated:  From a 'bright yellow' to a more 'lighter tan color' soft glow intensity to best reflect a realistic environment.


- Tower Vehicles Animations (Tweaked) : Red and Green tower animations have been more refined coding to better reflect 'air pressure/gravity' physics elements.

- Light Effects: Air Traffic Lights Height Requirement Added On Tower: Based on the 200 foot requirement, USA air traffic lights are mandatory on all building/structures at this height level. Lights are now added at the top of the tower and illumination animated on/off.

- Light Effects: Colors added on all 3 towers are reflected on the towers.

- Debug Button Added: This button features for our beta testers to test out the latest update and switch back to a more stable version.


- Red Tower Animation (Tweaked): To reflect real-life air pressure bounce movements.

- Unload Tower Button Moved: Previously located in the middle right above the 'Safety Bars' button, now moved to the top under the 'Dispatch' button. To improved better routing.

- Light Effects: Added 'white light' on third tower.


- Beta Testing Version