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Monday, February 23, 2009

What should the next simulation should be?

Hey guys,

One from our users of themagical "disneyfan506" posted a poll of the most discussed topic on themagical forum community.

VOTE NOW! Poll for what should the next simulation should be. There are 9 choices to choose from.

NOTE: You can only choose once!

The poll will stay live till the simulation team is ready to make a new sim.

Here is the link to the poll:

Other simulation news:

Our user from themagical "Mimon" posted on the forums in relation to simulations.

Quote: "Hi all ! I'm french and i'm very happy to say that the new simulation from DLRP NEWS about Crush Coaster will be out tonight ( France hour ) so in maybe 4-5-6 hours ( i don't know really ). And a "How to" work the simulation , in this link:
See you later !" ~mimon

Thanks to "disneyfan506" for making this polling available and "mimon" for finding this great find of a simulation. ;) :D

Have a magical day!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Live Coverage: The American Idol Experience Press Event!!

© Disney

Live Coverage by:

Studios Central will have live coverage from Disney's Hollywood Studios of the press event celebrating the opening of American Idol Experience with play-by-play updates of the day's events.

Location: Superstar Television Theater (Disney's Hollywood Studios: Orlando, Florida)
Live Coverage Time: 4pm EST
Live Coverage by:

Motorcarde at 4:30pm EST
Here are the people you will see in the motorcade starting at 4:30 pm on Feb 12 at Disney's Hollywood Studios:

Paula Abdul

David Archuleta

Fantasia Barrino

Bo Bice

Jason Castro

David Cook

Bucky Covington

Diana DeGarmo

Melinda Doolittle

Simon Fuller (Idol Creator)

Josh Gracin

Justin Guarini

Taylor Hicks

Michael Johns

LaKisha Jones

Kimberley Locke

Sanjaya Malakar

Mandisa Syesha Mercado

Ryan Seacrest

Chris Sligh

Carly Smithson

Jordin Sparks

Phil Stacey

Ruben Studdard

Carrie Underwood

Brooke White

Ace Young

Themagical Simulation Academy Part 2

VOTE: Themagical only as flash website? (As of Februray 12, 2009)
Yes please
32 .............................59.3%

No, please no, keep Joomla
19 .............................35.2%

3 ...............................5.6%

I do not have the flash plugin
0 ...............................0%

As you may know, we are just doing some art concept of a possible new page section.

Your votes are helping us to see what you think if "Themagical" should change to the proposed idea of "Themagical Simulations Academy".

It's an idea and from the previous comment of the webmaster "Tijn (Martijn)" showed that the focus of the site direction for this year.

Again, its just and idea and still not official. We are just wanting to see what you all think and your comments helps us see what direction we should take.

Thank you for making your voice heard and as well voting.

Here's is a propose main screen that you would see at "Themagical Simulations Academy".

We'll keep you updated on further developments on TSA "Themagaical Simulations Academy".

Happy Valentines day to you all! :)

Until next time,


Friday, February 6, 2009

Themagical only as flash website?

Hi peeps,

Thinking about a different Themagical. Just get rid of all the forum/other stuff and only display the sims. I get tired of Joomla/CMS and it takes a lot of work just to reach something with the system. Personally I only want a page like the page.

2 years ago I wanted to stop with the website, lost all drive to work on it. Now it just feels the same.This does not mean there will be no sims anymore, it will save extra time to spend on the development of the sims.So I am wondering how everyone thinks about this? What would you like to keep and what can be dropped at the site. Should we keep a forum like vBulletin and a simulation section?

If I drop Joomla there will be no scoring system anymore, does anyone care?If I only keep a simulation page, I hope the google ads will generate enough income to pay the yearly costs of hosting

Just thinking about a kind of Themagical Simulation Academy thing. A place where you can create your castmember avatar and play the sims to earn experience, or just play the as they are normally.

I tried to make a login setup for fun, just to see how it would feel. Think a widescreen setup looks better then a 4:3 one, as a lot of people are buying widescreen televisions and computerscreens at the moment.

Screenshot: (Concept Design: Click on it to see it large.)

Current Votes: (As of February 6, 2009)
"Themagical only as flash website?"

No, please no, keep Joomla
15 ---------------45.5%

Yes please
15 --------------45.5%

3 -----------------9.1%

I do not have the flash plugin
0 ----------------0%