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Friday, November 22, 2019

Dominator Simulation Beta Testing Details

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Hello Friends!

I hope you are doing well!  I thought to give you some fun 'geeky' details on what's happening with the upcoming HTML5 simulation "Dominator"!

:: Concept Design Changes: GUI and more...! ::

Here's already known bugs with the current build for beta testers:

--Known/Reported Bugs--


- Bugs Fixed ! Reported 3 bugs are now fixed in this latest build number!


Bugs Found ! FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

Loading Waiting Area: Fastlane : Dominator.js RT_CloseQueueGateEnd 2966:57 :
- Can't load 'Waiting Area' Green Tower from Fastlane. (You can load the 'Waiting Area' for the 'Green Tower' from 'Standby'.)

Entrance Gates: Green and Red Towers:  Dominator.js tl_FLQueueGates 2132:8 & 1828:8 :
- Once both "Waiting Areas" are fully loaded, can't open "Entrance Gates" even though the 'orange blinking enabled' button has been activated.


Bug Found ! - Looking into coding to find the issue: Dominator.js 2157 Line 12 & 13  FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

**Update: 10/19/19Temporary 'Work Around': Wait about 30 seconds to 1 minute (or a few more minutes depending on how many 'clicks' you did on the 'Safety Check' button) before pressing the 'Safety Check' button.

Green Tower Loading Sequence: Bug Found !  FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

- When loading the game the first time, loading the green tower from either 'Fast Lane' or 'Standby' queues will cause this bug to load.
Ex.) Loading from "Fast Lane" :
- Opening Entrance Gates
- Load Station
- Closed Entrance Gates
- Open 'Safety Bars'
- Load Tower ('Safety Check' is enabled with blinking 'orange' light.)
- Close 'Safety Bars'
- 'Safety Check' is enabled with blinking 'orange' light.

Unable to load 'safety check' guests for this tower. Looking into coding to find the issue: Dominator.js 2157 Line 12 & 13FIXED in 20191121-40 build release

=== CHANGELOG: ===


- BGM Audio Removed: Christmas loop (Since the park isn't open during the 'winter seasons', the Christmas loop isn't necessary.)
- Control Panel Text Color Changes: From 'White' to 'Aqua' color.
- Bug Fixes : 3 reported bugs has been fixed. Look above to see the bug reports.


- Enhanced Graphic User Interface (GUI) :
-- Control Panel : An updated 'glossy' 'Control Panel' has been updated from the metal background graphic to black glossy edges interface.
-- Updated Font Text: From the previous build, a new 'square-like' font has been update throughout the graphic interface.

- Sound Effects: Added New BGM Music: 3 new background music has been added for your listening pleasure. You can turn them on/off to cycle through which music you prefer to listen to.  After the music is over, it will be switched to another BGM music. These music are royalty-free and you can learn more about it by visiting their website at:

-Outside Lights Updated:  From a 'bright yellow' to a more 'lighter tan color' soft glow intensity to best reflect a realistic environment.


- Tower Vehicles Animations (Tweaked) : Red and Green tower animations have been more refined coding to better reflect 'air pressure/gravity' physics elements.

- Light Effects: Air Traffic Lights Height Requirement Added On Tower: Based on the 200 foot requirement, USA air traffic lights are mandatory on all building/structures at this height level. Lights are now added at the top of the tower and illumination animated on/off.

- Light Effects: Colors added on all 3 towers are reflected on the towers.

- Debug Button Added: This button features for our beta testers to test out the latest update and switch back to a more stable version.


- Red Tower Animation (Tweaked): To reflect real-life air pressure bounce movements.

- Unload Tower Button Moved: Previously located in the middle right above the 'Safety Bars' button, now moved to the top under the 'Dispatch' button. To improved better routing.

- Light Effects: Added 'white light' on third tower.


- Beta Testing Version 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

DorneyOnline Newest Simulation: Dominator

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Hello Friends!

I know it's been a long time since my last posting back in October.  There were things that happened to me personally and as well issues with hard-drives crashed.  More about that in later in the post.

Hard - drive crashes: 3 week delay !

Martijn had one of his hard-drive crash on him....yes you guess correctly...the main hard-drive where this simulation was stored on!

Luckily, he was able to restore the drive but had to wait for 3 weeks in order to have it fixed!  That was great news for sure!  He resumed development where he left off before the hard-drive crashed on him which was another great news to hear.

Usually hard-drive crashes are pretty much useless and almost all data is gone!  But gracefully, this hard-drive crash didn't loose any data and was able to be fixed!  Talk about a close call on this particular situation! PHEW! (*wiping off sweat from my forehead.)

Introducing " Newest HTML5 Simulation: Dorney Park's 'Dominator' !" 

News broke out from Martijn (webmaster/simulator creator of as the newest simulation for after the successful simulation of "Steel Force®". 

We got the 'green-light' from Josh to announce this newest simulation since himself as well had some life changing experience in his family house hold too!  Josh is very pleased of the progress of this newest simulation and happy to share this with his community once we get an official launch date for this simulation.

This simulation has been developed with the HTML5 coding since the support of Adobe Flash Player will be no longer supported by 2020 (most browsers will stop using them by late December of 2020).  You'll be able to access this simulation on your smartphone/tablet devices as long the web browser can render HTML5 graphics.

The image below shows the progress development of the simulation.  Please note that this simulation graphic design may not reflect the final version once it's launch over at .

© Cedar Fair L.P   | ©  |  © 

Beta Testers Testing Simulation:  Progress !

Our beta testers has been doing lots of testing behind-the-scenes! They have been reporting their feedback and bug reports from this simulation.  

They been enjoying the experience so far and happy that soon the general public will experience this simulation 'real soon' !

Closing Thoughts !

I apologies for the poor posting since October.  Be sure to look out for another new update about this simulation as progress has been moving very quickly!  

Thank you for your support and interest of reading this blog!

Until Then,