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Beta Testing FAQ

(Note:** Please be aware that this page will be updated and subject to change without notice, so check back for further updates.) 

We've been getting comments and questions about your beta testing requirements.

Below, we'll be talking about questions we get all the time and as we'll answer them for you.

**NOTICE: (updated 5/11/2015) All new and current members MUST be active in Themagical's website in order to be accepted into the beta testing. Due to our records, there's several members who just signed up an account and aren't active at all.  Due to the sensitive of the project files, we are NOW requiring ALL MEMBERS to be active on 'Beta Testing' feedback and gaming experience.  Without following this rule is a immediately removal of our beta-testing list. See below what you must do to become an 'active member' to this group. 


: How to become ‘active’:

- Logging onto the website every month 
- Mandatory beta testing feedback, bug reports, in-game experience, if no response from testing will result to immediate termination of beta testing list.
- Playing our beta testing simulation(s) (*Must be logged into our website either to play ‘timed’ or ‘unlimited’ option.)
- Communicating on our Facebook Page / Facebook Group Page/ Twitter Feeds: @Themagical and @Randydorney (Reighard's Twitter Account).
- Using the hashtag in a Facebook or Twitter Status: #TMNewSim
- Logging onto the website by signing in and saving a high score (if enabled in beta simulation).

We will be monitoring our 'beta testers' involvement in order to fulfill requirements.  If we fill you aren't following the beta tester guidelines, we have the right to discontinue your involvement with the beta testing group at any time without notice.


Q1.)  What is 'Beta Testing'?
A1.)  Beta testing is a way for us to ask our visitors, community and staff members to help the Simulation Development Team to make sure all bugs, features, scoring system, navigation menus buttons working properly, the way it should by the way of coding and with the help of tinker bell's magic. ;)

Q2) So when will the test begin?
A2) ** We just started on our 'beta ready' testing on our upcoming #HTML5 #TMNewSim for . Our beta testers should be receiving an email on how to access this new simulation.

Q3.)  Do I need to join the site in order to do the beta testing projects?
A3.) Yes! We require that you sign up at In order doing so, allows you to enable any scoring system that may be introduced to test the scoring features work properly and as well it show's properly on the website forums/user account.  It helps to make sure all bugs are out before releasing to the public.

Q4.)  What type of specs should I have to have the best simulation testing online experience?
A4.) Here's some recommended specs to have the best simulation testing experience. Computer/Software Requirements:

Computer Specs:
- Minimal: 512 MB of Ram, 
Window XP SP3, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.4, Mac OS X 10.5.8
- Recommended: 1 GB of Ram,  Windows 7/8/8 RT/8.1/10 ,  Mac OS X 10.6.3

**Mobile Phones/Tablets Requirements:
- Minimal: iOS 10 / Android: Marshmallow / Windows Phone: OS 10 *
- Recommended: iOS 12 (latest patched version) / Android: Nougat 7.1.2
Windows Phone OS 10 hasn't been tested at this time.

Internet Mobile Browsers:
iOS: Safari/Firefox/Chrome/MS Edge (latest patched OS version)
Android: Google Chrome
Windows Phone: Microsoft Edge (latest patched OS version)

Software Requirements:
Internet Browser: 

- Minimal: IE 9, Firefox 4, Chrome 40
- Recommended: MS Edge (Win. 10), IE 10 for (Win. Vista/7) , IE 11 (Windows 7/8/8 RT/8.1), latest version of Firefox and Chrome. Safari for MacOS (latest patched version).

 Adobe Flash Player Version: 
- *Minimal: Adobe Flash Player 10
- Recommended: Adobe Flash Player latest patched version!

* If you don't have Adobe Flash Player, you can download it for free at:

Java Software Version:
- Minimal: version 6 update 5
- Recommended: latest patched version!*

* If you don't have Java enabled or if you don't know what version you have, you can download it for free at: (**Notice: Make sure you download the proper version for your language and operating system.) 

Q5.) What are the benefits of being a 'beta tester'?
A5.) Being a beta tester has its rewards as being a special member of this group. Here's some special rewards you get:

- Special 'Beta' Build Number of the flash project that is yours to keep to test and have during the beta testing for Themagical and Dorneyonline. You'll also will be getting the updated version after your feedback/results and as well the final version before the public release online.

- Your feedback from the results we'll receive from our beta testers will help us tweak, correct, fix and as well your ideas to be added to the flash projects that we are working on. This will be considered for the project on the beta testing and as well other future projects.

- Special Signature Banner that you can display on communities forums sites and other media outlets to show the off that you were part of this elite group!

- Special access web link to the beta web page (*or download file via email) of the flash project that ONLY you can play and test.

-Behind the scenes in the making screen shots of other projects from our friends at dorneyonline/themagical partnership network.

Q6.) How can I send my request to join the 'Beta Testers List'? 
A6.) You have to send an email request to join.

Subject Title: 'Beta Testing Request'
- Your name
- Screen name
- *Email address that you signed up with at 

*Email address MUST BE THE SAME when you signed up for ! It can not be different than the one you signed up!

Q7.) When did this 'Beta Testing Program' started?
A7.) The 'Beta Testing' started part of the "Magical Wishes" Promotion on Themagical's website. It was a interesting thought of having a way to interact with our community members and having their cool wishes of having from our site. Prizes were like behind the scenes look of upcoming projects, special chats with Themagical Team via LIVE IM chat, beta testing elite list to test out the latest upcoming simulations, etc... Because it was a huge it, we thought to continue the program after our "Magical Wishes" Promotion had ended.

Q8.) I got the email already being part of the beta list, can I also beta test 'Steel Force and Test Track' as well?
A8.) Since you are already in the beta test, you'll are already added for the beta testing for future simulations. We'll notify you once the release of beta testing is ready to test. This beta testing group is for all current, upcoming, and future simulation/projects for Themagical/ communities.  You don't need to request for specifics as many of you are wanting to try future simulations. We are aware of that. Thank you for your concern and per requests!

Q9.) When I play the flash file, I'm having trouble seeing it and its blinking/flashing a lot? How can I fix the problem?

A9.) Option #1: Well, that's an issue that your flash player is outdated and the current flash player is compatible to the latest version from Adobe.  You'll need to update to the latest Flash Player version. This usually correct the problem about 95% of the time. You can download the latest version here:

Option #2: You can use your browser to view it. First its recommended that you download the flash file that you got in the email attachment from us. Save it to the 'desktop' for faster and easy access to get to the file later. Then launch your internet browser, click file and open file. Once you are in the small window, you'll want to be under your 'My Desktop' (in windows) and click on the SF_Sim.swf file that you downloaded. Once you clicked on it, click open. You should see the simulation download in your browser window and you can start playing the simulation without downloading an stand alone Flash Player that you may not want to install on your internet browser.

Option #3: You can open the flash file in Windows® Media Player in the windows operating system. Launch the program, and click file.  Go to open, then 'My Desktop'. Find the file and then click open. The flash simulation file should open within the Windows® Media Player without downloading the Flash Player on your computer.

Option #4: You can also download a 'stand alone' version of the Flash Player on your computer. This means it won't be attach to your internet browser at all so if you didn't want flash installed on your browser(s), you won't have to worry about that. You'll need to go to the special download section on Adobe's website to download the proper version for your computer.  More information here:

  Q10.) After the beta testing is over, am I automatically enrolled still for any upcoming beta testings in the very near future? Or do I have to re-apply again?
A10.) Yes you are still automatically enrolled for future upcoming beta testings/behind-the-scenes look on projects from Even though you are part of the list, you'll have to ask again to beta test any current, upcoming future projects in order that others may have a chance to beta test as well. We want everybody who joins the list will get a chance of the magic to see that the general public doesn't see. What an awesome feeling to know some magic/behind-the-scenes in the making of Themagical/Dorneyonline projects?

Q11.) Has there been any news about when they are going to start up?
A11.) YES! Recently announced for 'beta ready' to test the upcoming #HTML5 #TMNewSim simulation for ! Our beta testers should be receiving an email on how to access this special simulation.

Q12.) Have they release the first beta testers group to test the latest simulation build?
A12.) If you are part of the group list, you'll be getting an email when it will be starting and as well we'll notify via the website/twitter/blog when we'll start it up. Trust me, you'll won't want to miss this event once we announce it to the public! :D ;)

Q13.) Is there going to be a 'Wii' version simulation so I can test it on my Wii system?
A13.) There hasn't been any word from on releasing it online so that Wii players will be able to play on the simulation. Once we get an official word, we'll let you know.

Q14.) Do I have to download the simulation on my Wii system so I can play it at future use?
A14.) No, you don't have to download the simulation. The *flash game will load onto the web-page and *NOT your SYSTEM. That's the only time it will "load" onto the website page to view it. (*Please note, this is still in the works and may or may not be available on beta-ready or final release.)

Q15.) My beta file seems to lock up or become frozen after opening it on my computer!! What must I do to correct this?!?! HELP ME!
A15.) Many factors can happen that my cause this issue:

- Outdated Graphic Card Driver: Based on your problem, it could be that your graphic card driver may not be able to handle the simulation properly.  To download an update of your graphic card, you'll need to find that in your system properties to find the name of your driver. Go to the manufacture website and **download it on your computer. **WARNING: Make sure you make a new system restore point if the new driver causes your computer to crash/mess up some screen resolution. 

- Low-end PC: You may have a very old computer/laptop that may not handle the highest rendering of these flash files. Low end of Graphics Card, RAM and Hard Drive can cause your simulation experience slow or can lead to a lock up of your computer.  Look at the top page to read the requirements we recommend to have a good beta experience.

- HTML 5 Rendering: With the latest mobile/desktop internet browsers, HTML5 is slowly becoming the newest web standard to websites design. Faster performance, secure stability, and less CPU resources in most cases.  Older mobile/desktop devices and as well CPU graphic cards may have issues rendering HTML5 format which can cause lag/hang ups/crashes. 

- Not enough RAM: The bare minimum is 512 MB of Ram, even with that low requirement may have some issues rendering it. You'll notice your CPU very high and it will make your PC go really slow since its trying to use the RAM to power the flash file. We recommend to "CLOSE ALL PROGRAMS" and retry again. If the problem persist, you'll need to possibly turn of/disable some services that's running on your computer. Again still an issue, you may need to upgrade your RAM for your computer. Make sure your computer model can upgrade to a higher RAM modules. They can cost from approx. $40 - 200 USD Funds. 

- Outdated Flash Player: We've notice our users are running very low end versions of Flash. This will decrease the experience and as well may not run the latest enhancements of the Flash player and as well rendering the flash file properly. Download to the latest updated version of Flash Player:

- Change the quality to low in the Flash Player: Once you open the flash file, right click and find "quality" settings. Click "low". You'll notice a decrease of quality in the flash file. It won't run hard on your graphic card and CPU usage either. At anytime, you can change it again to your taste and see what's best to play under on your computer specs.

- Slow internet connection: For the best simulation experience, a broadband connection is recommended. If you are running on a wifi connection, make sure you are close to the router if possible to have a better signal. If you are running on dial-up, you'll may experience a slower rendering of the flash file.