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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections of 2010

Hey Everybody,

As you already know that the "New Years" is just right around the corner and many of you are thinking of your resolutions or maybe not.

It's been awhile as you heard from me, and I thank you all for stopping by during your holiday festivities (or other practice that you follow) to read up what's happening with us here at '' .

Steel Force Simulations Update: Progress continues 12.26.10

Recently via Twitter @themagical, there's still progress of the simulation but its been hard since under the weather of being sick and lack of free time due to work, family activities, and holiday celebrations.

We really appreciate your great patience with the team at Themagical and we are hoping to bring out the beta-ready preview.

Yes, its been a long time since you've heard anything from us. We understand how you feel as well too want you too to enjoy the hard work we've put into the game so far to this point.

It's great to hear the feedback of being testers and to see how the progress that you've seen back in November of this year.

Hang in there folks! We'll announce it when its "beta-quality" according to Themagical Team & standards for public testing.

If you still want to be part of our beta-testing, we are still accepting people who haven't joined in the elite group of testers. Send an email: You'll get a special email from me to do what's next to fill the requirement to be a beta tester for the 'Steel Force Simulation'.

--- Reflections: Recap 2010 ---

It's been a interesting year for Themagical and we are going to go closely on this year's milestones.

SF Sim with Beta Testing: "We been getting a great response from our visitors to our site and as well our readers from the blog that you are eager to be part of the beta testing!" Progress is still on going but slowly due to circumstances of our daily lives with makes our free time hard to get to developing."

SF Sim: Actionscript 3.0 First Milestone Upgrade Performance: "The performance on the new Action Scripting version 3.0 has been tremendous with the so far progress of the Steel Force Simulation that it will be the foundation of the upcoming simulations and possible newer content."

New Friends: Radio Show and Website, and "With a new addition to the TM Network, we are happy to connect with a new pals of ours and looking forward to be doing fun things with them."

New Blog Update UI: "Our blog got a new UI (user interface) to keep it fresh and more stable on many browser platforms and as well mobile users. We feel a nice update and bugs in the coding makes it more easy to use and as well viewable for the mobile platform devices."

Wii Compatible Simulations: "Tested and Capable for the Wii Gaming System, our simulations from Themagical can be played just like you would play on your PC. Without being near your computer, you can have your gaming platform device to use the Wii Internet (Powered by Opera Browser) to play your favorite simulation."

Themagical's 10th Birthday: "Celebrating 10 years online since 2000! A great accomplishment and milestone for Themagical being online for all those years. We thank you "our community" for helping us out with your feedback and support. Just because the 10th birthday has soon to be passing at the end of the year, doesn't mean we have something up our 'magical selves'. ;) "

Themagical Presents: Reighard Live Show (Beta): "From March 26, 2010 to July 22, 2010 short lived Live Show was one way we wanted to have a fun way to interact with our visitors on our website community and as well have special guests on our show into the mix. I myself had a great time on the show and how many people would actually came to see and view our site during that time. Sadly, it didn't do as well as we thought and yet needed to be taken down due to low viewers, low ratings, and lack of audience interaction. We enjoyed the times on the show and hoping to find new ways and paths to bring newer content for our community to enjoy. Of course you can still use our Skype line to chat with us via Skype. Search "randydorney or reighard1" via Skype and we'll love to chat up with ya! :) Special Thanks: Tyson & Networks. He has helped us since the very beginning and started a new friendship with them and as well got us some connection to get us on our feet. We thanked him so much for the opportunity for myself to talk to awesome fellas and talk shows via and website."

Tweet Meet: Would you be interested? "As this been a thing the Themagical have been thinking of doing for quite sometime and we are wondering what would our community thought about it. Now even though the term 'tweet meet' was for referring to our 'twitter followers' via @Themagical (Tijn's Twitter Feed) and @Randydorney (Reighard's Twitter Feed), it doesn't exclude our community from Themagical's website either. We really want to hear your thoughts and feedback to see if this would come to a reality if we get a good serious feedback. Our polls has been active and its looks pretty solid numbers as taken by 12.30.10 by writing this blog post. If it comes to a new poll numbers, we'll keep you posted on something in the works to have an event. If not, well it sounded like a cool idea to us. Let us know, we are wondering what you think as well. Comment on the forums, email us, and send DM's via Twitter. We loved to hear from you! :) "

---Closing Thoughts---

As this blog post comes to a closed, I feel that I must make a special thank you to my readers of this very blog!

Thanks to you, I'm able to keep on going with great articles to you guys for your personal enjoyment and as well seeing what's happening with us here at

Yes, you are getting the link via Themagical and web searches online but overall you are checking out this blog. It makes me feel that you enjoy reading and as well view special content that only our blog readers gets to read here.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures this year as it was quite eventful year for myself and Themagical Team as well.

Keep it here for the latest developments news, information of the Simulations, and as well fun stuff to read!

To a great 2010, looking forward for a more magical year in 2011 with you all!

Have a magical New Year and a 'fresh' start in 2011!

ºoº SEE YA REAL SOON IN 2011 PALS! ºoº



Co-Admin of Themagical / Simulation Development Team
Skype: randydorney

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :)

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!!

WOW! Already Christmas 0_O?! Time has been flying by so fast to me this year, (LOL I'm still waiting for thanksgiving to come) and now its the Christmas holiday season!

The wonderful Christmas festivities like cookie baking, Christmas meals with family, presents exchange, drinking cups full of Hot Chocolate and enjoying TV Christmas movies specials (as well watching Christmas DVD/VHS movies). :D

To all from the staff of "Themagical", We wish you 'Happy Magical Holiday's, Merry Christmas and a great Happy Blessed New Year!!"

Thank you for your wonderful support this year!

Merry Christmas,



New Partnership: Cosmic!

Hello everybody!

We have a new partnership announcement that will be joining us in the "TM Network"! Presenting 'Cosmic Reid' starlight cafe Disney Fan website and Radio Show!

About Cosmic Reid's Website:

So, What Is Cosmic Reid's Starlight Cafe?

Cosmic Reid Starlight Cafe is your weekly dose of live Disney music and magic courtesy of Magical Mouse Radio. Every Monday at 1:00pm Eastern, host "Cosmic" Chris Reid spins Walt Disney World Resort music and provides you with the latest information.
We work with the online Disney community.

Our program has many sponsors and partners from the online Disney community who all share the love for the most Magical Place on Earth. Theme Park Insider's Robert Niles, is a regular guest of the program, offering stories from his time as a Walt Disney World Resort Cast Member. The Magic For Less Travel Company, Bongo's Cuban Cafe in Downtown Disney West Side,, Celebrations Magazine, Steve Barrett's Hidden Mickeys Guides are all pieces of magic that make up our weekly program.

About the Host
Chris Reid lives in Winnipeg, Canada and has been in the broadcasting industry since 2003. He has worked for local television stations and radio stations, and previously with other online Disney stations. Chris is happy to be part of the magic of Magical Mouse Radio!

Be sure to make Cosmic Reid' Starlight Cafe part of your lunch hour every Monday at 1pm Eastern, and if you miss it, listen to the replay at 7:00pm Eastern on Wednesday!


Be sure to tune in January 2011 for some cool stuff coming along with our new partnership! We'll keep you posted on that and more to come!

Look to the top to listen their show on our blog here and soon on our website shortly.

Visit their website at:

You can follow the magic:





Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tweet Meet? Would you be interested?

Tweet Meet? Would you be interested?

It's been several years we've been thinking about this concept for a long time but its been pushed to the back burner to work on other project that we are working on.

Today I was just sitting down at my computer and asked up Tijn about the idea if we get some feedback of our community to see if they were interested of doing our first ever tweet meet?

He said, 'I'll post it as a poll and we'll see what response we'll get.'

If we get a great number of responses and feedback from all of you, maybe we can make it happen and not only to meet up but as well do fun 'magical' stuff too!

What's your thoughts?

Vote today and leave a comment below, we'd be happy to hear what you guys think!





Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Feature Article: Mulan-Snow White in Disguise

Hello everybody!

Boy, I have a great article to share with you all. My very good friend wrote an interesting article for her school writing assignment and I thought I would share with you all.

I found this the most interesting article in relation to our beloved Disney Princesses!

Feature Article: Mulan--Snow White in Disguise?


Special Thanks to: Debbie Campbell ºoº


"Mulan—Snow White in Disguise?"

Written by: © Debbie Campbell

White makeup covering her face, Mulan stares at her reflection and wonders when it will match who she really is inside. She then wipes off the makeup and by so doing rejects what it symbolizes: the ultimate Chinese eligible bride of that time who was honored for being delicate, beautiful, and perfect at serving tea. Instead of pursuing marriage, Mulan leaves home, dressed as a male in her father’s old armor, to fight in her father’s place in the war against the Huns. Mulan’s actions and desires contrast greatly with Kathi Maio’s accusations.

Maio feels that the Disney heroines, while having new skin colors, still only have one ambition – to be a happy homemaker. Maio argues that Mulan, though brave, is only trying to fulfill patriarchal duty instead of pursuing her own interests. According to Maio, Mulan’s and Snow White’s main goals are the same: finding an attractive male to marry.

Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) do all appear as passive females who can sing, do domestic chores, and look pretty but when in danger must wait for their handsome princes to rescue them. These heroines do seem to have as their ultimate goal to be happily married homemakers. Although Maio describes Snow White’s, Cinderella’s, and Aurora’s portrayals accurately, Maio’s one-size-fits-all attitude doesn’t work for Mulan or for many of the other Disney heroines.

Disney began to break the pattern of the beautiful but helpless heroines with the introduction of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. Ariel’s passion for finding and studying human objects and culture leads her to take great risks such as swimming in shark territory and disobeying her father by visiting the ocean’s surface. While at the surface, Ariel rescues Prince Eric from drowning and thus discovers a live human to study. Her interest in him is not only romantic; he is also a vehicle for her to learn more about humans. At the end of the story, Ariel has managed to realize her passion—to be able to live in the human world— while having a significant relationship. This is not the story of a young woman only looking for a romantic solution for her life, as Maio claims.

In the films following The Little Mermaid (Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame), Disney explored the possibilities of more independent and capable heroines. These next females are shown as strong-willed women who, in spite of their patriarchal cultures, pursue their own interests and unique talents. Maio asserts that the only improvement in Belle (Beauty and the Beast) is that she reads. Yet, Belle states expressly in a song early in the film that she wants “more than this provincial life” offered to her by the small town in which she lives. Maio reduces Jasmine (Aladdin) to a “comely pawn bandied back and forth” from male to male (par. 20). But Maio seems to ignore the fact that, while she is subject to certain patriarchal demands from her culture, Jasmine repeatedly uses what power she has to stand up to the evil vizier Jafar and to reject suitors—including her future husband Aladdin—in spite of her father’s wishes. Pocahontas becomes romantically interested in John Smith, but she only meets him in the midst of her travels to explore “just around the river bend”. Maio doesn’t mention Esmerelda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. An independent gypsy woman, Esmerelda is capable of out-maneuvering the guards. More than once she, through use of bold speech and decisive actions, deliberately defies the powerful villain Frollo. Esmerelda is dangerous, yet good, and her goal through the entire movie is preservation of self and of her friends no matter what the costs. Romance, though she comes to love Captain Phoebus, is not her focus. All of these Disney heroines do not follow Snow White’s standard, like Maio suggests.

Returning her attention to Mulan, Maio ends her article saying that Mulan is just another girl whom Disney is content to make a happy homemaker like Snow White. Yet, Mulan did not go off to the war to find a husband. She had rejected the pretty-eligible-bride image because it wasn’t her true self. Instead Mulan found that military life suited her because she had a brilliant military mind that she could use to save her country and her emperor. In defiance of the patriarchal norms of ancient China, the emperor commends Mulan, considers her for a position in the government, and urges General Shang to stay acquainted with this unique woman. The film ends with Shang coming to see if Mulan might accept him as a worthy partner.

Disney did much more than change the skin colors and trappings of the more recent Disney heroines. Their personalities and their ambitions did evolve from the Snow-White image. Counter to Maio’s argument, heroines from Ariel to Mulan are not Snow White in disguise.

© Debbie Campbell

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

10!! Start the Celebration!

10!! It's finally here! Let the celebration begin!!

December 1, 2010 marks the 10th birthday for "Themagical" website! 10 years its been faithfully being online and showing an impressive online simulations that continues to grow.

Even to the surprise of the webmaster himself, was surprised that his simulations and website are a huge popular hit online to this day.

Quote from Interview of Webmaster/Founder of "Themagical" website:

"No, really did not, surprises me a little bit. Thought that the Sims never is popular, but it turned out to be a great spot for simulation lovers."

Themagical team is happy for your support over the years and wishing that this site to continue to bring more smiles and enjoyment of playing the simulations. We are glad you can give us feedback on how to improve the simulations and as well suggest new simulation ideas for a possible future simulation.

Thanks to you guys we are still online and as well hoping more years to come for 'Themagical' website community!

I leave you with this personal quote from the Webmaster/Founder of 'Themagical':

"I really hope everybody loves to play the simulations as much as I still do, and I am glad I am not the only one who loves them. Thanks for all the support!" ~Martijn Leseman

Until then,

Simulation Development Team


Monday, November 29, 2010

Steel Force Sim Tweet Update

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long time since we've talked about any new information related to the Simulation updates!

The webmaster/founder of posted some interesting tweets recently and I thought I would keep you posted on the current status of the 'Steel Force Simulation' updates.

Steel Force Simulation Twitter Update Stats: (
* 2 days ago of 11.27.2010 EST (GMT -5 hours)

- Finally fixed the problem, new queue gates are working, so the queue can be modified #SFsim. Good night everyone, heading for my bed

- My bad, found it: cannot use a name for a movie clip when it's the same as the object in the library, not that unlogical...

- puzzled: why can the name of a movie clip not contain a number if there are functions defined into it? Just wondering why.

- Flash continues to bug me today, still thinks that a function is no function, even I have written it the right way :(

We are looking forward to start the beta testings so you can enjoy this before we release the simulation for the public to enjoy!

If you haven't emailed the simulation development team to try the beta testing of Steel Force once we announce it, please send an email to, with your name, user name account from either or website and email address.

Until Next Time!


Play our Simulations on the Wii !!

Hey Everybody!

A small fun update for all may or may not know already. For those who haven't, for those who have a Nintendo Wii console and a broadband internet connection can play our simulations!

That's right, you can play our simulations as you would on a pc but on your gaming platform device!

To play our simulations is quite easy, go to your 'Internet' button and click 'address' button and type the web link

Then you are ready to play our simulations like you would on your computer. Thanks to the Opera browser has a pre-built version of Flash in the browser so you know you won't have to update or download the Flash Player.


Until Then,


PS. **Notice: The web-flash based has not been tested nor haven't been checked to see if its 'Wii Compatible" either. For the best simulation experience, a broadband connection is recommended! Please bare in mind that not all
functions may not work in the browser due to its manufacture hardware. Themagical isn’t responsible for any damages, hardware malfunction, viruses, crashes, errors, data-lost, data corruption, memory lost when you play our simulations on the Nintendo Wii System. Users acknowledge that playing these simulations games online may experience such
problems, play at your own risk.

© 2010 Nintendo. Wii name, Wii logo, Wii System are Trademarks to
Nintendo of America Inc. All rights reserved.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Tweet Update

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long time since we've talked about any new information related to the Simulation updates!

The webmaster/founder of posted some interesting tweets recently and I thought I would keep you posted on the current status of the 'Steel Force Simulation' updates.

Steel Force Simulation Twitter Update Stats: (
* 12 hours ago of 11.26.2010 EST (GMT -5 hours)

- Sometimes I'd wish days could last longer, so i'd had more time to work at the #Themagical #sims. Especially testing takes a lot of time.

- And the weather system of the #SFsim needs some animations and additional effects.

- 2Still 2 major point for the #SFsim: queue system and operation schedule, both are working but need to be tweaked..

Again spend some time yesterday, preparing the #SFsim for the beta tests, still looking into some small issues, which have to be fixed

We are looking forward to start the beta testings so you can enjoy this before we release the simulation for the public to enjoy!

If you haven't emailed the simulation development team to try the beta testing of Steel Force once we announce it, please send an email to, with your name, user name account from either or website and email address.

Until Next Time!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010!!

Hey Everyone!

We are within about one day before here in the "States" have the national holiday of Thanksgiving!

Ah...the second best time of the year to come together with family and friends over a delicious hot juicy turkey and all the fixings. I know this is my favorite time of holiday to enjoy delicious food and fellowship.

Even getting together for a meal is wonderful to enjoy and celebrate as one. Where ever you are at right now, think of things that you are thankful for this year. It's great to reflect on these things and as well to find ways to help others in need. Maybe even volunteering at a local soup kitchen to feed the homeless this holiday season and many other ways to help families who are in need of help to provide a hot meal this holiday and as well daily life.

As the following day after thanksgiving, is a season where everybody goes shopping like a mad crazy person. This is known where stores around the nation sells items for real less prices and as well make great deals for certain hours of the day! This is called "Black Friday".

"Black Friday" is a term where the day after thanksgiving, people will go to the stores very early early in the morning around 1am or so to buy items that are hot ticket items. Local stores like Best Buy, Walmart, Sears, etc... will sell certain products the night of black Friday, people who stand for hours before the store close, just to be the first one to get hands on a hot selling product. People usually shop for christmas deals already and finding prices that they can afford since we are all still in the economy is weak. So hopefully, more revenue will help stores and as well the people who work there make a decent pay check this season.

For all of those who are visiting us here and as well who are members from the "States", the staff of 'Themagical' team wishes you and your families to have a safe and enjoyable thanksgiving day!

Until then!


Sunday, November 21, 2010 - Beta Testing NOW!

Hey Everybody!

As you may or may not know, our fellow Themagical Community user "Brianelvio" has been working on a project called: "Virtual Disney" website/online gaming.

He needs your help and wants you to join his beta testing team!! *Note: This isn't part of the Themagical's Beta Testing group nor part of the Themagical Network/Partnership. You'll need to join the website in order to join the community.

You can visit the website at:

Below are the information that is already posted on our forums. If you have any questions, please contact brianelvio via email or Private Message on Themagical's website. Thanks!


The new v0.2 Beta is here new better avatars new client and game!
Still building maps now there's only the enterance and a secret beta shop try to find it and get a beta hat! Remember it is not very big! Read the news in client for account creation!

Have fun!
Download (v0.2)

Beta testers NEEDED!


Your name:
Themagical Community name:
And experience:

To (soon

If we choose you you can go further than normal beta users and when the stable open beta will come online you will get a special beta testers item!
We need you!


We hope you can be part of this new beginning for our good fellow user of Themagical Community and test it out!

If he asks you where did you hear about this, ask "Reighard" posted on the Themagical's Blog.
Thanks! He'll know that its coming from a good reliable resource connection and friend.

Have a magical day!


Co-Admin Themagical/ Simulation Development Team

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Design

Hi all,

Is there anyone who is capable of producing a new feel and look for Themagical (Joomla template - non-commercial)? Because the website celebrates it's 10th anniversary next month, I want to give the site a refresh in the near future and give the simulations a central spot.

Grtz Tijn


Monday, November 8, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Update! 10-11-08/001

Hey All,

Recently there hasn't been much updates on the "Steel Force" simulation since we've been working hard on it.

Here's the new updates on this build:
- new control panel refresh
- new button routines
- added sound events
- added sound control, separate sounds can be dis/enabled
- add and remove train works

Build Number: #2010-11-08/001

(*Click on the image to see a larger view of it.)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Spring Back Time and Voting!

Hello Everybody!

I want to share "2" friendly reminders that's important to our US States Readers:

#1.) November 7, 2010 - change clocks 1 hour behind (Sunday Night)

On March 13/14, 2010 at the stroke of midnight there was a short announcement on almost all media outlets, but even then I heard some confusion, as to which way the clocks must be adjusted, so for those who might still find it difficult to remember the system, learn a simple cheat code Spring Forward – Fall Back.

In April which is around the spring season you adjust your clocks one hour forward, while in October which is the fall season you adjust your clocks one hour backward. Hence Spring Forward & Fall Back Do yourself and your family a favor, take round of your entire house and tweak all the clocks that you see, cell phones and also adjusting computer clocks (some computers automatically changes their settings via clock settings on your PC/Mac/Linux).

Why, when, who, and what is daylight savings time and what's the reason we change our clocks every year and during the year? Click here for more information!

Starting in the spring of 2007, daylight saving time (DST) start and end dates for the United States will transition to comply with the Energy Policy Act of 2005. DST dates in the United States will start three weeks earlier, at 2:00 A.M. on the second Sunday in March. DST will end one week later, at 2:00 A.M. on the first Sunday in November.

The update that this article describes changes the time zone data to account for the DST change for the United States. This update also includes other DST-related changes, time zone-related changes, and settings-related changes. Some of these changes will occur in 2007. Some of these changes have occurred since the products that are listed in the "Applies To" section were originally released. The update that this article describes is a cumulative update rollup that includes all the changes that were previously released in Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 928388 and 929120. This update also describes some additional changes since the last cumulative update in Microsoft Knowledge Base article 928388.

For more information about how daylight saving time changes may affect other Microsoft products, visit the following Microsoft Web site: (

For more information about how daylight saving time changes may affect other Microsoft products, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
914387 ( ) How to configure daylight saving time for the United States.

When you apply this update, you may receive the following message:

"Update cannot be installed as a newer or same time zone update has already been installed on the system."

This message indicates that you have already applied the correct update or that Windows Updates or Microsoft Update has automatically installed this update. No additional action is required to update your Windows operating system software.

#2.) Minor Voting for US States Residents!! Go out and VOTE!

For those in the US States, go cast your vote. Don't think your vote doesn't matter, it really does. Those few votes really does make a huge difference. Make your voice heard by voting today at your local areas that you need to vote at.

This voting this time of year is who is being elected or re-elected for congress. Most voting places in your area have been open by 6am and will be closing IMMEDIATELY at 7pm.

Now, I'm not saying about endorsing those who are running. All I'm saying it is a privilege to have a given freedom right to vote in our country. It's your choice to vote or not but I feel its a great honor as an American individual to express my rights as a U.S. Resident of this country.

Until then,


Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

© Disney

Hello everybody!

We hope you are having a great month of October this season! Ahhh *inhales the fresh crisp Autumn air* the fall season is already in full force as summer is now completely gone from our memories. But most of you have been or having been enjoying fall festive treats like pumpkin pie, apple pie, apple cider, pumpkin roll danish, etc...

As you may know by now that our local and amusement parks are in the process of closing the 2010 season. But that shouldn't make you wait for the summer when you can still get ready for the next season by following up with them through their newsletters, youtube channels, twitter, blogs, etc....

Well, we hope you have a safe "Halloween" today and this weekend. Please be safe and careful where you go trick or treating this season.

Even if you don't observe the holiday season, its good to keep in mind to be safe and careful who you get candy from and as well make sure an adult double checks your candy to see if some candy or deserts are in question. Always a good rule of thumb. ;)

Here's some helpful tips that you should keep in mind when you do trick or treating:

bullet Children should always go out trick or treating accompanied by a responsible adult. If you have a group of kids going, the parents should choose two or three of them to go along and keep an eye on things.

bulletSome towns set a curfew for trick or treating which makes it easier for townsfolk to know who's coming to their door. Make sure and stick to the curfew times and stick to subdivisions and areas with a lot of homes so your kids can get in as much trick or treating as possible in a few hours time.

bulletPlan a safe route so parents know where their older kids will be at all times. Set a time for their return home. Make sure that your child is old enough and responsible enough to go out by themselves. Make sure that they have a cell phone.

bulletLet your children know not to cut through back alleys and fields if they are out alone. Make sure they know to stay in populated areas and not to go off the beaten track. Let them know to stay in well lighted areas with lots of people around. Explain to them why it can be dangerous for kids not to do this. If they are going out alone, they are old enough to know what can happen to them in a bad situation and how to stop it from happening.

bullet Instruct your children not to eat any treats until they bring them home to be examined by you. This way you can check for any problem candy and get the pick of the best stuff!

bullet Make sure your child carries a flashlight, glow stick or has reflective tape on their costume to make them more visible to cars.

bullet Let them know that they should stay together as a group if going out to Trick or Treat without an adult.

*Tips source from:

Stay tuned for more updates real soon when we are approaching the beta of the newest simulation for website "Steel Force"!

Until Then,


Saturday, October 23, 2010

Blog Update 10/23/2010

Blog Update!

Hello all! We have an exciting news to announce to you all readers. By now you've notice the new change of our theme from theater lighting theme to a Themagical website theme.

I wanted a nice theme that makes you feel that there's alot of possiblities when it comes to creativity to creating flash sites/simulations and other special projects at 'Themagical'.

New feature is the "Scrolling News Feed". This will be giving the most up to date information and updates that you should keep your eyes pealed!

We would like to hear your feedback! Tell us what you think of the new theme! :)

Until then,



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Update! 10-13-10

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long time since we've talked about any new information related to the Simulation updates!

The webmaster/founder of posted a new screen shot of the newest simulation creation for website.

Here's what he said in today's post:

Hi all,

Working for a long long lomg time at this sim, for
Just wanted to share a screenshot for this one: -Tijn (Webmaster/founder of )

(*Click on the picture to see it larger.)

Let's dig in and let's see what the newest version is showing in this screen-shot!

Steel Force Simulation Update: 2010-10-13/001

- Control buttons: Since we last saw the screen shot was just a picture on the main site of for those who are there on their community or from community. It shows more of a shiny appeal to them. From the simulations from Themagical website, you can see that the buttons are completely different from them just by looking at them.

- Control Panel: The control panel looks like of a shiny metallic appeal to them. Almost like the buttons but you can see its different. Looks great! Simple feel to it so using the game will be not hard to control.

- Park Operations Module: Nothing much is showing here but it looks something of information box that could allow the ride operator to see what's going on with the attraction or not.

- Current Time Module: NICE! I love to see what time it is while working on the game so I won't lose track of the time when I'm playing it! Awesome!

- Train Panel Status Module: This area shows where the current trains are in the ride cycle track. So far its showing the 'Red Train' or 'Train 1' by the counter at the bottom of the control panel on the right.

- Counters bottom right: From observing the image, its telling us how many guests are entering the ride, station, train, and stand by. This feature would be most valuable to the ride operator to see how many guests has rode the ride at any given time and see how well the ride is performing well under many different conditions that the ride experiencing at that moment.

Attraction Operations Section:

- Switch Day/Night Button: Seems like the other simulation on Themagical website that you can as well do the same by changing the effects of Day/Night time effects while playing the game. So for those who love to play the simulation at night time you can do that by a click of a button. If you get tired of playing at night you can 'switch' it back to day. Simple and yet so brilliant!!

- Switch Lights Button: Ooooh...I have a feeling that this turns on the lights in the ride location. Nothing is proving what turns on but it looks like the lamp lights and others? We'll see...! *winks*

- Start BGM Button: Usually from my knowledge 'BGM' stands 'Background Music'. So this could be the sound effects of the ride and other audio effects? Hopefully we can do more to control what sound effects are on or off? Maybe we'll see later down the road for more updates...just a thought. *winks*

Station & Dispatch Section:

- Control Gates Button: This will open and close the gates to allow guests to enter the train.

- Open/Close Bars Button: and close the lap bars so the guests and be locked in while the ride is in motion.

- Load Train Button: This will move the guests into the train.

- Security Check Button: This will make the ride attendants to check the lap bars and seat belts before dispatching the train.

- Dispatch Train Button: Once the security check is done and finish, this will show when its ready to be dispatched to start the ride cycle.

- Unload Train Button: Once the ride cycle is complete, the guests will have to be removed from the train in order to start the new batch of guests to ride the train for the next new ride cycle.

- Add Train Button: This allows to add more 'trains' to the ride cycle. Right now, only the red train ("Train 1") is on the track unit at this time.

- Remove Train Button: This allows to remove 'trains' from the ride cycle. Right now, only the red train ("Train 1") is on the track unit at this time.

Thank you for taking your time to read our in-depth report of the latest and newest simulation for website site!!

We are looking forward to start the beta testings so you can enjoy this before we release the simulation for the public to enjoy!

If you haven't emailed the simulation development team to try the beta testing of Steel Force once we announce it, please send an email to, with your name, user name account from either or website and email address.

Until Next Time!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Steel Force Simulation: Beta Testing Soon!

**UPDATE: Status from " Worked at the Steel Force Simulation last week, which is getting close to the beta status :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Status!

Hey All!

We just want to keep you posted on the latest details on the 'Steel Force Simulation' project.

As you can see, we are about ready to do some 'Beta Testings'! So be sure to watch this when we roll out the first beta testing of our latest Simulation project for website.

Want to be a beta tester? Send us an email, your user name on here or at and we'll send you an email confirmation to notify you when we will be starting the release of the beta testing.

*Recommend: We require our beta testers to be already signed up with an account in order to held accountability if needed if rules are broken during the beta testing process. As well to test out features for an arcade feature is designed/programmed into the simulation.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steel Force Animation Logo!!

Here's a small taste for your own enjoyment to have! :D
This is a sample of what you can see at simulation web page.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Update! 9/16/2010

"Steel Force®: A simulation online game" Update: Beta Build 2010-09-08/006

Hello fellow community readers!

I trust you are doing well so far in the new school year session. As summer has officially end its season here in the most of the USA states, we are moving forward to the fall/winter seasons ahead.

By now you should be seeing the leaves turning colors and falling to the ground. The fall crisp air smell and cool breeze is an already sign that the summer has concluded for this year. But don't let that let you down, there's always a way to still enjoy gr
eat amusement/theme parks that are still open til October! So hang in there and study hard!

Steel Force Update: Sorry for the slow progress! :(

This is another huge milestone for us as we are slowly but surely working on the simulation for website. We've been getting emails and Facebook postings in our facebook group on the status of the simulation and even the release date "summer 2010" on website.

First things first, we are sorry that its taking longer than expected. We already knew that working on the new coding of Flash
'ActionScript 3.0' would be a challenge for us and as well re-learning the language since the previous simulations to current on Themagical's website is under the 'ActionScript 2.0' code (with the help of disney magic of course making it come alive). ;)

Thank you for your cooperation and patience with us. We are confident that waiting on us and as well working on the performance of the Steel Force Simulation, we know you'll enjoy it as much as we continue to create it and see it come to life!

(Picture used by permission: ©

Current Updates on Build Number #: 2010-09-08/006

- New Control Buttons: Load/Unload/Dispatch Train - These will function for the ride operator to control the train by adding/unloading guests on and off the train during each ride cycle.

- Bug Fixes: Bug fixes that were in the last build has been taken care of and will be still looking for present bugs that are still in need of attention to be fixed.

- Visitor Engine Code: Version 2 for ActionScripting 3.o - Fixed some bugs in the queue line as they enter the station. Persistent bugs are still showing and still needed to be fixed in later builds before beta testing/public release.

-New Visitors Functions: Entering Station/Unloading from Train: (New Milestone) Visitors are now entering the Station to be waited to load into the train. After ride cycle is over, they are clicked to be unloaded from the train with 'Unload Train' button in the control panel.

- Control Status Bar Added: This will show actions that have been made on the control panel. This will show you what was currently used at that current time.

Closing Remarks:

Thank you so much for being patient with us as we are working on the Steel Force simulation and as well enjoy reading our blog.

We'll keep you updated once new information comes available.

Until Next Time!

Simulation Development Team/Co-Admin of Themagical


Monday, August 16, 2010

A website worth joining! MickeyOnline!

Hey Everybody!

Today I'm going introduce a new website that I think you should check out and possibly join.

Now, this site is so new that you can still smell the fresh paint! Well, I have the honor to write about this website and the owner of this very site is our very user of Themagical's Community: "ZachariMoore".

On with the review:

'MickeyOnline' is the new magical spot in the disney-fan website base where you can follow news updates, important information related to the parks events and so much more!


Website Features:
The owner has this passion of showing all the attractions at Disneyland. Since he as gone there every summer vacation, he thought it would be fun to combined his passion of disney and as well wanting to show his audience a VOP view of the attractions at the park.

LIVE Show: 'Mickey's Online Show' is a new live show that's used via Ustream website where the show talks about different topics and as well joined co-host "Reighard" from website.

Forums: Talk disney, talk rides/attractions, and talk everything in between! This is a place where the magic continues to hear your voice heard on many topics. We'd love to see ya there real soon, so be sure to join today!

Photos: This is where you can share your experiences while at disney and as well post a picture of yourself too! Be sure the picture is recommended to the website and not copyrighted photos either. ;) Upload your pictures to the gallery!

Simulations: Coming Soon Summer 2013! Zachari has the determination of creating fun simulations and his passion of being a web developer. So with those two passions coming together will be an awesome sight to see. So stay tuned!

Social Connection:

Here's is where you can follow the magic by social media outlets:






Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer ending...back to school!

Hey pals!

I'm so sorry for not making a post due to work and as well family outings this summer. We are having a great time this summer and we hope you are having a safe and enjoyable one as well.

Back to School!

It's that time again that school is around the corner that is about to begin or already has now in the states.

I really dislike when the summer time goes so fast and the winter season goes so terribly slow.
Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy the seasons and winter as well but I love the summer time. I know most of you do too. ^^' (Am I right?)

Well, school session has now began and we hope you all do your best and perform well during this new school session. Study hard, get good grades and when you have free time you can visit us to wind down. ;)

Be safe and enjoy your time during this school year! :) Simulation: Steel Force (update: 08/13/2010)

Last night I had a conversation with Tijn (founder/webmaster/simulation creator of Themagical) via IM and told me the things he was going through this month.

He recently got into a new position at his work place and with that in mind he's working the early shift in favor for his family and wife. Before he was working the nights which was making it harder on him and as well his family too.

So since he's working on the early shift he's been having hardly any time for personal enjoyment like simulation creation work. Which is the case that the Steel Force Simulation hasn't been worked on because of the things Tijn has been dealing with.

We want to make you guys aware that he's really wanting this simulation to be done and as well to move on to other projects like announced this summer disney's Test Track Simulation.

We appreciate your concern and patience for the understanding that Themagical Staff has other things to be taken care of like our work schedule and personal activities that we are doing this summer season. Simulation Page: NOW LIVE!

Towards the end of July, has revealed the new website design and as well the new Simulation page that we've been working on since june 09'!

You can view it here:

Keep an eye there, our website, our blog, our twitter and facebook page when we announce the release of the Steel Force Simulation: Summer 2010!

I hope you guys are doing well and keep your eyes pealed for more updates later this year!

Until then,