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Monday, September 27, 2010

Steel Force Simulation: Beta Testing Soon!

**UPDATE: Status from " Worked at the Steel Force Simulation last week, which is getting close to the beta status :D

Friday, September 24, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Status!

Hey All!

We just want to keep you posted on the latest details on the 'Steel Force Simulation' project.

As you can see, we are about ready to do some 'Beta Testings'! So be sure to watch this when we roll out the first beta testing of our latest Simulation project for website.

Want to be a beta tester? Send us an email, your user name on here or at and we'll send you an email confirmation to notify you when we will be starting the release of the beta testing.

*Recommend: We require our beta testers to be already signed up with an account in order to held accountability if needed if rules are broken during the beta testing process. As well to test out features for an arcade feature is designed/programmed into the simulation.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Steel Force Animation Logo!!

Here's a small taste for your own enjoyment to have! :D
This is a sample of what you can see at simulation web page.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Steel Force Simulation Update! 9/16/2010

"Steel Force®: A simulation online game" Update: Beta Build 2010-09-08/006

Hello fellow community readers!

I trust you are doing well so far in the new school year session. As summer has officially end its season here in the most of the USA states, we are moving forward to the fall/winter seasons ahead.

By now you should be seeing the leaves turning colors and falling to the ground. The fall crisp air smell and cool breeze is an already sign that the summer has concluded for this year. But don't let that let you down, there's always a way to still enjoy gr
eat amusement/theme parks that are still open til October! So hang in there and study hard!

Steel Force Update: Sorry for the slow progress! :(

This is another huge milestone for us as we are slowly but surely working on the simulation for website. We've been getting emails and Facebook postings in our facebook group on the status of the simulation and even the release date "summer 2010" on website.

First things first, we are sorry that its taking longer than expected. We already knew that working on the new coding of Flash
'ActionScript 3.0' would be a challenge for us and as well re-learning the language since the previous simulations to current on Themagical's website is under the 'ActionScript 2.0' code (with the help of disney magic of course making it come alive). ;)

Thank you for your cooperation and patience with us. We are confident that waiting on us and as well working on the performance of the Steel Force Simulation, we know you'll enjoy it as much as we continue to create it and see it come to life!

(Picture used by permission: ©

Current Updates on Build Number #: 2010-09-08/006

- New Control Buttons: Load/Unload/Dispatch Train - These will function for the ride operator to control the train by adding/unloading guests on and off the train during each ride cycle.

- Bug Fixes: Bug fixes that were in the last build has been taken care of and will be still looking for present bugs that are still in need of attention to be fixed.

- Visitor Engine Code: Version 2 for ActionScripting 3.o - Fixed some bugs in the queue line as they enter the station. Persistent bugs are still showing and still needed to be fixed in later builds before beta testing/public release.

-New Visitors Functions: Entering Station/Unloading from Train: (New Milestone) Visitors are now entering the Station to be waited to load into the train. After ride cycle is over, they are clicked to be unloaded from the train with 'Unload Train' button in the control panel.

- Control Status Bar Added: This will show actions that have been made on the control panel. This will show you what was currently used at that current time.

Closing Remarks:

Thank you so much for being patient with us as we are working on the Steel Force simulation and as well enjoy reading our blog.

We'll keep you updated once new information comes available.

Until Next Time!

Simulation Development Team/Co-Admin of Themagical