Saturday, February 17, 2018

Introducing...Seven Dwarfs Mine Train HTML5 Simulation

Hello Friends!

Themagical team is happy to announce the newest#html5 simulation to be added for Themagical's website....

Introducing...Walt Disney World Resort "Seven Dwarfs Mine Train" simulation!

:: Moving Forward with #HTML5 ::

With moving forward with #HTLM5 development away from Adobe Flash program, this is the '2nd' simulation to be added for Themagical's website.

This allows us to reach more to our viewing audience who uses Apple/Android smartphones and tablet devices without the need of creating an additional application.  

Most of the newest smartphones / tablet devices can view #HTML5 creative content by using their mobile browsers via Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge which is a huge leap as technology continues to improve.

We are still migrating the other simulations over from Flash to #HTML5 but finding a proper application to keep intact the coding of the simulation is a bit challenging to find at the moment.  We are still searching for other options....

© Disney | ©

 :: Additional Features Coming Soon ::

While the release of the simulation is now available to play, we will be still adding additional features for this simulation.

Keep in mind that we are doing this out of our free time during our regular work schedule and family activities.  We will be adding new features, UI tweaks, and bug fixes along the way.

If you still find something wrong that doesn't seem right in the simulation, please let us know on our forums and email.  You can email us at: and mention in the subject title: "Seven Dwarfs Sim Issues".

:: ::#TMNew Simulation in the works! ::

We’re back with an all-new simulation at ! With the import of simulation coding, this will speed the development process much faster!

Here's our 'first official' teaser of the newest upcoming simulation!  Do you have any thoughts or guesses what could it be?

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we are working fast on this newest simulation!  Use our hashtag to keep up with the latest sneak previews and possible 'on the spot' beta testing of this newest simulation!! 

:: Beta Testing Soon for the #TMNew Sim ::

 We need your help!  We are looking for those who are eager to find the glitches, testing on their devices via PC / Smartphones / Tablets , and as well having fun testing out the latest simulation(s) for Themagical.

We will be opening up the beta testing soon for this newest simulation, so be sure on the look out on how to join this fun and entertaining elite group.

If you want to join this group, send us an email at and subject title "TMNewSim beta testing".

Please read our guidelines on this blog for more additional details! Click here to read our guidelines on our beta testing group.... 

:: Closing Thoughts ::

We thank you all for your support and comments on our social media outlets on how we are doing over at Themagical.

We understand your passion on our simulations and we greatly appreciate your feedback on any issues you may have with our simulations.

We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you enjoying our simulations, we 'Thank you' sincerely!

Stay Tuned for more updates on our upcoming #TMNewSim !!!


Sunday, December 17, 2017

#TMNewSim unwrapping 'hopefully' soon!

Hello Friends!

We have some 'Beta Testing News Update' in regards to our upcoming #TMNewSim #HTML5 simulation for

Our special beta testing group has been working hard by testing our latest simulation for the website and so far we've been getting nice feedback about the simulation.

We are 'hoping' to 'unwrap' our latest upcoming simulation real soon by Christmas this year!

Stay tuned to our blog and social media outlets for the latest news!  

Until Then, Have a 'Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year'!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Happy Beta Testing Day!

Happy 'Beta Testing Day' !!!

:: Beta Testing Day ::

Martijn Leseman (Founder of Creator) made a special announcement to the team that our upcoming #HTML5 simulation is ready for 'beta testing'.  What does that mean for you, you may ask?  Well, let's read on shall we? 

Martijn is hard at work with the latest and newest #HTML5 simulation as we are progressing away from Adobe Flash Player (slowly).... He feels that currently the #TMNewSim is ready for testing before releasing to the general public.

:: Current and V.I.P. Beta Testers ::

If you already been a beta tester in the past, you are welcome to join this new beta testing project.  Make sure you sign in at and look for a special button on the website for 'beta testing' access.

If you need help on locating this button or need help with your account, be sure to email us with your account name and email address. Make sure you add in the subject title: "Beta Access Help". You can send your email at:


- Team

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Slow Monthly Updates....#TMNewSim Teaser

Hello Friends!'s been so oddly quite since my last post at the beginning of the new year.  

:: RECAP from January to Now...(April 2017) ::

January: Martijn and the team have been really busy with their personal lives where 'free time' in their schedule had made it difficult to make any new progress on simulation development.  

February: Martijn made some new development to the new 'upcoming' #HTML5 simulation but its not beta testing ready.   Progress has been made from the conceptual design phase to code programming. #TMNewSim

March: Martijn made a new version for back-end testing for the new #HTML5 simulation to version 1.0 . Previously it was only coding of the simulation foundation mechanics. #TMNewSim

April: Social media updated 'teaser' of the upcoming 'HTML5' #TMNewSim simulation for Themagical.  As you can see below image, many of our fans and community members have comments of what could be the next 'new' simulation for Themagical. 

© Disney |  © 

We 'thank you' to all our fans and community for playing our simulations!  It is all cause of you who make us keep the 'magic' and 'passion' to keep developing new simulations so you can relive the magic and memories.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2017....DCA Tower Of Terror Late Night Check Out

Hello Friends,

It's been a busy December month for me personally at my job.  I'm sorry for the late posting due to that and the Christmas holiday break with my family.

:: HAPPY NEW YEAR : 2017 ! ::

Thank you all for your support and patience as we merge  'Ride Sims' simulations over to the Themagical's website.

Themagical & Ride Sims team wishes you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 'New Year' into 2017!

:: Disney's California Adventure Tower Of Terror FINAL DAY 01/02/2017 :: 

© Disney

On January 2, 2017, Disney's California Adventure Tower Of Terror ride attraction will be closing its elevator doors forever!  

Since its announcement back on July 2016, Marvel made a special announcement at a fan based Comic-Con about the replacement of The Twilight Zone Tower Of Terror ride attraction at Disney's California Adventure Park.  You can read that announcement by clicking here.

In place of this attraction will be an all-new ride attraction based off the popular movie 'Guardian of the Galaxy'. 

© Disney/Marvel

Disney Parks made an announcement for those who want to 'drop by' for one last time before its closure called, 'Late Night Check Out' an experience in complete darkness!"

 © Disney | Photo by: © 

The Tower of Terror “Late Check-Out” is the opportunity to ride in “complete darkness” after sundown. “Complete darkness” is the ride is mostly the same as what you’re used to, with the exception of the visuals and some of the sound effects being turned off in the mirror and hallway scenes, and silence instead of machinery whirring during the actual drops. And yes, the doors still open at the top.

Guests visiting during the day / night could take pictures at a special photo-op at the 'Late Check-Out' by saying their last goodbye's to the ride attraction.

You can read more details about this special event by clicking here.

© Disney | ©

© Disney | ©

:: Drop in....if you dare! Play our own tower game version! ::

Don't worry friends, you can always relive the memories of this special attraction by playing our own version.  Special Thanks to for 'donating their simulation to Themagical' where you can exclusively play this ride attraction.

You can play it by clicking here!