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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Soarin's First Preview

Hey There Everybody!

We've have exciting news to tell you! Soarin (Themagical's FIRST #HTML5 & FIRST OF IT'S KIND ON THE WEB EXPERIENCE!) Simulation will be making its first preview! We'll be showing down below the first EVER release of the progress of the simulation that Josh Stauffer has been working tireless on since his joining of our team.

Now, just keep in mind that this is only a "PREVIEW" and not an public release where you'll be playing online quite yet. We will be announcing soon on how you'll be able to play it! We are excited and I know you'll love it! It's a game changer!

::Here's the FIRST view of Themagical's FIRST HTML5 simulation & FIRST EVER Web experience of it's kind::

(*Click on the image to see it up-close.)

::Soarin HTML5 First Preview::

- Ride Layout: This ride layout is based off the Walt Disney World attraction blue print. From our research, we tried to match the best way to portray the ride layout as if it would be at the parks. We are please how it turned out by making this the closest thing to the real thing.

- HTML5 Simulation: No Flash Player Needed: Since this is the FIRST of it's kind on the web experience, you'll won't be needing the Adobe Flash Player to play this kind of simulation. All you need is a web browser that is able to run HTML5 websites. We recommend using Chrome & Firefox (higher versions) to have the best possible simulation experience! We are working IE9 to be enabled so those using IE9 will be able to play. As the new web standard HTML5 is already game changer, but having this kind of simulation is and WILL be the first of it's kind on the web! Now that's taking the beauty of the web a whole new level!

- Simulation Experience: Since you are used of playing Themagical's simulations you are used how the gaming experience is. Well, with the new engine of HTML5 you'll notice a better gaming performance on your computer and as well its takes is own character feel of the new coding experience. Though its a simulation, we try to keep the same as the other simulations we have so that you'll have a nice transition from simulation to simulation. Not only its the new web standard but we are working hard where you'll be able to play this on your smartphone devices WITHOUT the need of Adobe Flash Player since not all smartphone devices are able to play Flash.

- Gaming Controls: You are already aware how the set up of the gaming controls of our simulations to control them. This version is in the same format as the others, so you won't be confused on how to use the simulation. There's a nice button called "Labels" so if you are lost on how to control it or maybe your first time playing the simulation, you'll have an nice help to get you started on your game.

- Scoring System: This scoring system is just as the other scoring systems that we have in our simulations. Since this is new coding experience, we are working to add to Themagical's website so you can use your account to sign in and to post/save your high score. This as well has other features that will make your game challenging that will make you play for that high score! Though it's not showing in this screenshot, its working internally in the coding. We will be adding and changing the system to keep the gaming experience a new upgrades.

- Special Effects: From animations, sounds and alerts will be the same as you are used to in our other simulations. You may slightly notice the smoothness of the animations and as well a more snappier performance when playing this simulation. You won't have to worry of playing too many animations features at the same time to have a low game slow feel. It will be faster than our Flash games so you can know with confidence you'll have a more fun experience.

- Attraction Status: From Alerts to Major Problematic Issues, this will be the hub of information to keep aware of the health of the ride attraction. From time to time, you'll have to keep an eye to make sure the ride doesn't have down time and as well you'll have to fix it when it needs to be fixed. The more time you waste not getting the ride fixed, it will cause your high score to lower and its timed also. Another way to get your ride up so you won't have your guests to wait for a down ride. And who doesn't like to wait long for a down ride or closed ride?

*Here's Josh in his own words from the creation of this simulation and how he brought a high popular ride to the online world:

"As the first HTML5 simulation, there was a steep learning curve to find the best ways to make the sim work. The end result should be something that will run great on whatever device you may be using." - Josh Stauffer

::Closing Thoughts::

Thank you for your patience and most of all importance your support to us! We appreciate you taking your time reading our posts and as well showing your support to this community website!

We'll be soon later announcing more details on this release! We are excited as much as we are from bringing this favorite attraction to life to Themagical!

Have a magical day!



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