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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Monthly Links, Cosmic Reid Ending

Hey Everybody!

As the month of October has now officially ended, here's your monthly links for the month of 'October'!







Cosmic Reid All-Request Cafe | Starlight Cafe has officially ended!

Our friend Chris Reid and friend partner has closed up shop of his radio show that's was heard on every Monday afternoon at 1pm ET.

Due to his new job commitments and as well new projects of being part of the launching of "Magic 24. 7" California's Disney Radio Station, it has made him have lack of time to continue his daily shows each Monday to continue going. Every show was based on his free time out of his busy schedule.

I know for myself and speaking of behalf of Martijn, having a full time job, raising a family, health issues and other personal activities has caused us to have too lack of free time.

Now you're asking, Q.) "Wait....I thought you guys support Chris?! Are you still going to on the new station and his projects?" A.) Yes we are! and Magic 24.7 is our Official radio stations that we support and as well the radio that we listen as when the team discuss on projects, working on projects and as well talk in general. This is where we get inspiration from listening to Disney Theme Park music to help us get our creative juices flowing.

We are SO THANKFUL for the new friendships that we've made thanks to Mike from Radio Station for introducing us to Chris and as well for us to create a new bond friendship with Chris on his shows and projects. We are so happy to be part of his team and as well a great friend to him.

We thank the community from us and his community of the support to Chris and to our website. Thanks to you guys help a fellow Disney Family member of the great community and as well a great friend who needs our support. We thank you for your continuous support!

Here's Chris Personal Letter from his website (unless the site is offline for good):

(*Click on the image to see in large view.)

Please support our friend and partner on his new adventure dream at Magic 24. 7,

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