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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween, 20 thousand, and Snow...OH MY!

Hello There!

I'm glad you are still enjoying our postings here. It's been quite on the front end here at Themagical but don't worry! We are still working hard of bringing new 'excitement' of projects that we've been working hard at for you!

:: 20,000+ ....THANK YOU! ::

THANK YOU!!! I'm so humbled on the behalf of Themagical Team that you our fellow fans and readers keep viewing our blog after the debut of its launch!

It's the sheer enjoyment and shock to know you readers enjoy the content updates that we bring and as well bringing a personal touch to each writings we post.

It amazes me to know that it readers like you helps not only myself but to our team at Themagical to show your support and eager to know what's happening at Themagical! This not only shows that you are interested but it shows how internationally viewed from the viewers that reads this blog.

I'm utter humbled by your readership that you continue to read and view this blog! All I can say thank you and keep watching here for coming soon updates on projects, simulation updates and more!

This is only the start of something great and we know at Themagical as well can agree that in the future something new and exciting is approaching!

:: Happy Halloween ! ::

Yes...its that time of year again where pumpkins are in full bloom of the picking, eating and craving! Fall crisp air and the smell of leaves foliage is in full force!

Here in the states we celebrate Halloween activities to Trick or Treating events, parties, and even last opportunities to enjoy amusement parks as they close for the season.

This time of year even at Disney Parks are celebrating the Halloween events at their parks to show to their guests a fun enjoyable way of the tradition of the fall festivals each year.

Here at Themagical Staff wishes safe Trick or Treating and other fall festival activities you may be enjoying this year. Please be safe and drink responsibly if you are going to drink (for Adults readers).

:: Snow in the Northeast! ::

Yes, you heard me right! Tonight around 8am this morning Eastern Time, the Northeast of the States will be having their FIRST snow storm in the month of October.

They are saying of reports ranging from 4 to 6 inches of snow in parts of the regions of the Northeast...especially in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

I'm just as shocked and surprised to hear about this and doubting it won't be as much as they are reporting. But who knows....with how the weather has been this year along...I wouldn't be surprised to get a lot or if any snow from this storm.

Just for those reading....please drive safe in this weather storm to the places you are going and from the places you are coming from!

:: Closing Thoughts ::

This marks another post for this month! Thank you again for your readership and as well support to this community.

We are winding down into the fall/winter mode, but just know that 'exciting & new' projects will be arriving in the upcoming days and weeks ahead! Stay Tuned!

Have a great day & weekend!


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