Sunday, March 14, 2010

Steel Force Simulation coming soon to!

"Steel Force®: A simulation online game coming soon!"

As the news broke out on '" and "" website, they were the first to announce the news of and Themagical teaming up to bring a new online experience where you can control your favorite dorney park based ride attractions online!

Alot of development enhancements, meeting talks, and research when along for creating the simulation project that will be coming soon to website.

Photo above: © 1997 David W Creighton.

It will feature the famous roller coaster: Steel Force
® as the first installment of the simulation series.

Progress is already in the making and major milestone level has achieve so far in the development process.

More details will be coming out later this spring/summer. So be sure to watch for more further updates!

Special thanks to: for their help on this development process for the simulation online game.

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**NOTICE: No copyright infringement intended. There's no commercial based to the simulations and they are just for fun.

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