Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Millionaire Play It Sim!

'Happy Birthday Millionaire Play It Simulation!"

That's right, Millionaire Play It Simulation came to life online on March 24, 2008. This simulation milestone has alot of reasons to boast and have the spotlight for its birthday due to how this simulation came to life!

First, Millionaire Play It Simulation was the first to use the "Fast Pass" queue line. Which made the studio seating a bit faster and it also represents the queue line at the ride attraction at the Walt Disney World Park and Disney's California Adventure Park.

Secondly, Millionaire Play It Sim took a shorter time to develop than previous years since the co-development with Randy Reighard (aka "Reighard"). The combine help made the process faster to create and as well bring more new ideas to the simulations as well. The graphics for the game was also created by Randy Reighard, so placing the graphics for the game went faster than previous since it was only the webmaster Martijn Leseman was the one person who created the 4 simulations on Themagical.

Thirdly, Due to the complexity of the project of the attraction of Millionaire Play It in real life there was more work to do to bring the attraction to life online. Over 2,700 + lines of hand made coding shaped the simulation of Millionaire online. Combing the previous 4 simulations coding, Millionaire Play It over exceeds the coding. This is the major record of code that is ever produced! MPI simulation also over exceeds the coding of Expedition Everest Simulation as well!!

Fourthly, due to the many sounds that goes along for the attraction makes the realism come to life! Over 36 individual of Millionaire designed music was used to bring the sounds of the attraction into the simulation. The most sound effects than all the 5 simulations combined!!

Fifthly, MPI simulation made a huge major milestone for the creator Martijn Leseman. With this new co-development made a renewed passion of creating more simulations. Due to the fact that creating simulations take too much time and with lack of free time due to work schedules, life activities, etc... From this project, has made an impact to Martijn and the community of Themagical fans and visitors which helped ushered into creating new simulations, new flash projects, new online promotion, and new partnership with other websites.

Themagical has came along way from the birth of coming online in December 2000. From the community of Themagical and the visitors that come online daily, it has shown that the joy of playing your favorite attraction online and disney magic.

We celebrate this birthday of the Millionaire Play It to you! It wasn't easy at times during the development and the crashing of the websites at times. But you made it happen to make this site alive since 2000!

We are excited to see what's coming down in the future for Themagical and those who are with the team of Themagical.

Happy Birthday Millionaire Play It and many more!!

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