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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Mystery Sim Update and Beta Testing Update

Hello Friends,

First of all, I want to say 'sorry' for the long hiatus on writing on here.  There's some updates I need to share with all of you!

::Personal Milestones::

Well, I've been going through some personal exciting milestones in my life that I'm been busy where I haven't been able to write on here.  I want to thank those who keep on reading here and visiting the blog, it really means a lot for me and the team at Themagical.

It's been stressful, fun, exciting, nerve racking, celebrating, joyous, and nervous all into one sitting.  I have a great support from among my friends and family along this new phase in my life.  From this, it kept me from writing new information on here.  

I'm sorry.

::Mystery Simulation Update:: (Status: 'On-Schedule')

For those on our social media outlets (Twitter and Facebook pages), you've may seen us 'teasing' a hashtag  " #TMNewSim ". 

At first, the project was coming along nicely from importing the coding from the 'Steel Force Simulation' simulation to make the foundation for the game.

The following month, a website revealed the same simulation we've been working on for the 'mystery sim'.  We were disappointed from the news since we didn't reveal to anyone what we were working on.

So with that, we had to scrap what we were working on and had to start all over again by scratch.  Sadly, we had to put it into our 'vault' of discontinued simulations projects.

BUT! With great news to announce we are 'back on schedule' with a new one in place of the old '#TMNewSim'.  The possible launch date is still shooting for by the end of Q1 (First quarter).  **If you don't know what Q1 or 'first quarter', you can read up on my previous post about it, click here.

::Beta Testing: Spots Still Available::

Still waiting to test Soarin and other upcoming 'future' simulations? You can still join our 'beta testing group'. 

Send an email to and you'll get an email notification about joining the group.

Be sure mention how you heard about this in the email. 

::Closing Thoughts::

As this month is closing by fast, spring is just around the corner.  We are hoping to release Soarin and our 'mystery simulation' later this year.  

I know the team is trying to push out new content on the website, we appreciate your support and patience.  In the end, waiting was worth it. 

Until Next Time,


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