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Monday, October 20, 2014

Soarin Beta 2 Update

© Disney | ©  (*Image above 'Beta 2' Update)

Hey Everybody!

It's been a long time since I've posted anything here.  It's been very busy weeks for me where I couldn't even get on the PC.

:: Soarin Beta 2 ::

As you can see above image we've entered the 'Beta 2' phase in our development stages.  Our beta testers got the latest update on this new simulation build.

There's been a few things updated in this version too! 

Here's a list of what's new in Beta 2:
-Help manual added
-Rating/score added
-Various statistical displays added
-New and updated sound effects
-Notification messages and sound
-Tweaked peep flow to fill up the attraction quicker when starting the sim
-Various bug fixes
Here's what left:
-Mobile UI

Doesn't seem much as for the user interface (UI for short), but overall the game performance has been tweaked just a bit.

We are hoping the testing for this new phase will keep us closer to the general public release!

Don't forget to use #SoarinSim to see the latest updates and conversations on our social feeds on Facebook and Twitter!

Until Then!



Unknown said...


I noticed that you posted an update on the beta, Has the beta users been sent out an updated link, Cause the link i Have access too as a tester isn't showing the picture up above.

Wanted to confirm that the link i have should work.
Also I never received an email to beta test Grizzly rapids. Wanted to see if i can get on that list.

Randydorney said...

Dakota, Soarin has been released already and beta testing has been concluded.

Grizzly River Run beta testing is only open to a small hand full of people during the time Soarin was still under testing.

Beta Testing is currently closed and Grizzly River Run is in the final stages of testing. A general availability is coming real soon!

Stay Tuned!


Unknown said...

What do you suggest I do in order to get the updated look you have posted above. Cause I'm still getting the floating buttons instead of the layout that is above.

Randydorney said...

Dakota, the image for Soain Beta 2 is an outdated version and the new UI is the floating buttons.

If you have a larger screen size, an similar button toolbar like the picture above appears.

Anymore questions, email me at