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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Twitter Update: New Simulation ??!

Hello Friends!

I've got great news for you!  I guess I got the 'green light' from Martijn (Founder/Webmaster/Simulation Creation) that I can announce on our blog.


  Twitter Update Stats: (
* As of 03.11.2013 EDT (GMT -5 hours)

- "Busy weeks, but managed to work on a new project, already implemented some basic animations. Release still Q4 (hopefully)"



Now many of you are asking yourself "Wait a second....!? I thought you were already working on another simulation?? What happened to Test Track simulation, wasn't that next on the list?" etc....

Ok, ...Ok.  Let me explain.  Martijn and the team look over the many suggestions you've have asked us in the past and still currently via email, facebook and twitter.

We have placed those into consideration and made an "OFFICIAL" list that we want to do right after the launch of an simulation.  With that in mind, we pick the best simulation that we think the community and people of the internet would enjoy playing (also for hours on end! LOL!)

Let's tackle some questions you've could be asking or about to email us.

Q 1) I thought you were already working on another simulation???

A 1) Yes, we are currently working on one already which is Soarin.

Q 2) What happened to Test Track simulation, wasn't that next on the list?

A 2) Yes it was. But due to the high demand of the 'Steel Force Simulation' progress, we had to focus on all our energy on completing this simulation for our partnership site '' .  From this, we didn't make any progress on development since it was ONLY in "Blue Sky Phase". 

Q 3) What does this "Blue Sky Phase"?? You keep on telling us this for a long time.

A 3) 'Blue Sky Phase' or the word 'Blue Sky' is a term that the Disney Imagineers go through every single time when they start on a new project(s). During this phase, the sky is the limit. There's no such thing as bad ideas, by which these ideas help on how to bring the story to life through the blend of creativity and technical know-how.

Q 4) Have the 'beta testers' got a sneak peak at this new simulation?

A 4) At this time of writing this could change. I haven't gotten word from Martijn to disclosed this to our 'e-lite beta testing group' as of yet. So the best answer is 'no' for the time being.

Q 5) Does this mean that 'Test Track' won't be the next one after Soarin?

A 5) As I mentioned before in a previous post, Test Track will be stand-by mode until Martijn comes back from his vacation this summer to Walt Disney World.  He will be riding the new updated version of the ride to fully experience it and as well feel what direction should the simulation be by version 1.0 or 2.0 .  You can read our posting about the 'stand-by delay' of Test Track here

Q 6) I notice Q4 release (hopefully) for new simulation. What does "Q4" means?

Q 6) Q4 represent an industry standard when it comes to business model's projections, special announcements, product releases, etc... 

There's 4 quarters that the business industries follow: Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4.  Each quarter represents several months of the whole calendar year as follows:

Q1 (First Quarter):  January, February and March
Q2 (Second Quarter): April, May and June
Q3 (Third Quarter):  July, August and September
Q4 (Fourth Quarter): October, November and December

More information on how these quarters are represented, click here!

::Closing Thoughts::

Still got questions for us?  Email us at:

I'll answer the best of my ability that I can (with permission of course by Martijn) on your questions you may have.  If I feel your question is much needed to be shared to our community readers, I'll post it up on my next posting.

We feel that there may be some disappointment among you.  Please understand this was based on Martijn on the direction he feels about Test Track at the park, so he can experience the ride for himself.

We'll leak more details, so STAY TUNED!

Until Then,


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