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Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Vacation Begins

Hey All,

It's been awhile since there's been new postings, thank you for your patience for waiting for new content.

So since schools are now out of sessions and most of you guys and gals are now enjoying your summer break before going back to school in August/September months.

I'm just as excited and anxious to start the summer time to enjoy the beaches, camping, amusement parks, plus so much more! What are you excited about the summer time? Do you like the summer or prefer another season?


Here's the "LATE" post on 'May Monthly Links'!


What's Next??

I bet you'll are wondering why no updates or even postings since last month. Well, its a busy time for us at Themagical Team since the summer has already begun in order to relax after a long development schedule with the "Steel Force Simulation".

Don't worry folks! We are still working on some projects but on the slow development phases.  Below we'll be showing the 'current simulation status' of all upcoming simulations that will be in our current 'development cycle'.


Themagical Behind the Scenes: Themagical Projects to date!

Soarin: (Internal Build: 2012.05.29/008) This build has been shown a Live Preview
on a recent blog post. New features are being coded and a possible beta release is approaching soon! 

**Update: (06/04/2012) New recoding has been performed to better situated with rendering and more stability in the HTML5 coding and java-scripting.  Improved performance in browser rendering in Firefox and Safari. IE9 still not rendering properly quite yet with new format. 
**Note: Due to high request, this build may or may not be release due to the progress of how the simulation has been so far.

Millionaire Play It: Trivia Version 2 (Beta Version: 041411/001.v2_triv) This simulation hasn't been updated since its public release due to the popular request of the "Steel Force Simulation" due date release and bug fixes. This will be updated and tied in with the current simulation of 'Millionaire Play It' as bug fixes with that simulation will bring the string code from version 1.0.8 to 2.0.

 Disney's Epcot TEST TRACK: (No Confirmed Internal Build) Even though the 'Steel Force Simulation' has been released in April 29th, 2012 , there hasn't been any work on the upcoming simulation due to busy work schedules and development rest breaks. More news about this simulation and when the production begins will be coming soon later this year. Stay Tuned!

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