Sunday, May 13, 2012

What's Next?

Hey There!

We've been very pleased of the results of how you all been enjoying the 'public release' of the
'Steel Force Simulation' over at !

We are happy from the feedback we've been getting from Twitter & Facebook feeds of how you been enjoying it.

Here's some quotes of some members from saying about the simulation:

- "The simulator turned out great, it is really fun to play." -Yoshi

-"That was actually fun! Thanks for the hard work you guys put into that!" - HK36

-"That is really cool! Glad to see it up and running finally." - Kozmo 1

Now I bet you are wondering (or have been wondering), "What's Next??!"

Here's some information that I have from the webmaster of Dorneyonline:


"The next ride has been selected and some initial work done. This one will be developed by me using HTML5 instead of Flash. I'll give more details once I finish creating the Soarin' simulation for" - Josh (Webmaster of"

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