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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Welcome Spring Time!

© Disney | © Disney's Frozen Olaf

Hey Friends,

Hope your winter was fun and safe.  I don't know about you but I know I love the summer time (spring time is also nice).

Smelling the fresh crisp air during the spring time is nice as the temperatures starts to warm up and as well the local amusement parks open for the spring time. 

This is also another time for cleaning up all of the winter belongings and switching up for spring time attire.  Most people during this time are preparing for outdoors cleaning and getting ready for planting flowers.

I get giddy when I listen to the 'Summer Time' song that is sung by Olaf the snowman in the movie 'Disney's Frozen'.  I don't know why I smile and imagine along with Olaf the wonderful things to enjoy during the spring (summer) time.

How's the weather in your area?  For those in other countries, how's the weather your area?

::New Simulation Development: Why it takes so long to make/beta test?::

When the 'Themagical' team start thinking of the next 'future' simulation (of course after a long rest from development), they enter the first phase that all Disney Imagineers do: Blue Sky.  

'Blue Sky' is a term that Disney Imagineers use for their first of many meetings to discuss of new coming projects.  The 'sky' is the limit in these talks and any ideas are brought to the table on how to bring things to life and how it would be implanted in the attraction(s)/park(s).

After this phase is completed, then they move on to development research.  This is where all the details and storyline is development.  A theme is development and all research pertaining to this theme is heavily focused. 

Due to any free time the team have, this is where things are getting researched, email conversations/Facebook Chats IM expressed, audio clips searching, etc...  

As the trends of today's technology is going, we are also trying to follow the same path (sorta) to reach out to our online community.  This could also mean slower development since we are trying new ways to development a simulation.

Less and less support on Adobe Flash Player is not good for us but as well how web browsers are being development.  So HTML5 and other ways of us 'telling you the story' is the path we may have to do, but don't worry we may use Adobe Flash Player if the support is still there. 

::Just Getting Started::

Soarin and Grizzly River Run is just a taste for this year simulations releases,  we are 'just getting started'....

HTML5 is opening up new venues of reaching our mobile users/tablet platforms, with Soarin under our belt we are trying to expand our portfolio of new experiences for you to enjoy!

We are 'just getting started'!

Stay Tuned #TMNewSim ! ;)

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