Monday, December 1, 2008

Happy Bday Themagical and EE Update 5

December 1, 2000 was the first year that "" came into life online. It was a first of its kind to be introduced disney online game simulations.

The community grew over the years and in 2007 was the highest hits on the site. The site still continues to grow and more visitors are playing the simulations that brings the most of the traffic to the site.

Here's the timeline of how the simulations were created from the beginning to the current simulation, Millionaire Play It. Coming soon this month (without delay) is Expedition Everest Simulation that will be added to the family of disney simulation creations.

Martijn Leseman (Webmaster/Simulation Creator) quote: "The Space Mountain Simulation is the first sim, which was published in 2004. The idea of building a simulation came from a few developed "Efteling" sims, which were very popular at the moment. OK, I wanted to build my own simulation, but where to start? I tried to gather all information I could get at that time and just started working in Flash.So after 1,5 year of learning and work, the first Themagical simulation was published!

Big Thunder Mountain -When I developed the first simulation (Space Mountain) I already thought of a second one. Again a rollercoaster as this is the most dynamic attraction to use. Personally I like this attraction, the theme, the sounds and much more, a ideal candidate for the next sim. About 90% of this simulation is accurate, but I had to change some parts to keep it playable. This sim has much more sound-effects and four trains which can be controlled. In 2007 we released a "reloaded" version, with optimized AS coding.

The Hollywood Tower of Terror is a fascinating attraction, and my personal favorite attraction in the Hollywood Studios, Orlando. There was no doubt that this attraction would be the basis for the third simulation. The effects and graphics took a long time to develop, butthe most difficult part was the AS coding. The TOT is very complex attraction, and I had to write a lot of code. In this sim I introduced the scripted AS tweens, who give the elevators a realistic look and feel. Later on, in the reloaded version (2008) the day/night switch was introduced, so now you can choose between a day and night version, both attractive to see.

Phantom Manor, part of the Frontierland Area in Disneyland Resort Paris, just has a perfect spot at the edge of The Waters Of The far West. When you enter the area it is hidden in the corner, behind the Big Thunder Mountain. You only see a small part of the attraction, a much larger part lays behind the row of trees, as you can see in the simulation. It was difficult to work out a system which would allow every "Doombuggy" to follow the track and move around when it was necessary. The code for this part of the sim is complex and consumes a lot of CPU power, despite the code optimizations. The simulation was the first one with a login, which allowed a scoring system. Due to the changes in JoomlaI had to remove the login, and introduce the Arcade component to save and manage the scores.

The Millionaire Play It! attraction simulation is the first simulation which is not based upon a "moving visitors" experience. This sim let you control the Millionaire Play It! show and work and think like a show producer. MPI is also the first project which was co-oped by Randy Reighard, who joined the Simulation Development Team (SDT) in July 2007. Because of the expanding team, we were able to lauch this simulation faster then the other 4 original simulations. MPI has a lot of special effect, and has for the first time in a themagical simulatio, a "FastPass" entrance, so the process of filling the show speeds up a little.

Expedition Everest Simulation project name: TMS006 Attraction name: Expedition EverestResort: Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney WorldCurrent sim status: development, release end of December 2008."

So Happy Birthday Themagical!! Wishing more magical happenings in the future and as well growth to the site!!


Expedition Everest Simulation: Update 5

November 14, 2008 is the latest update simulation development. There were slight bugs that had to be fixed and new features were added to make the game play more interactive as well eye candy enhancements.

Below is the current and updated simulation development as of November 14, 2008. (Click on the pic to see it larger)

We are so close to be almost finish. 24 days in counting for the release (without delay) of Expedition Everest Simulation!!! Can't wait for what you guys have to say about the newest simulation after Millionaire Play It!!
Happy Holiday's and Merry Christmas!!
Until then,

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