Tuesday, November 11, 2008

EE Update 4 November 11, 2008

Expedition Everest Update 4: November 11, 2008!!

As you see below, the november 11 screenshot is the latest update/development in the coming soon simulation by Christmas 2008.

(Click on Screenshot to see it upclose.) ;)

Webmaster/Simulation Developer: "I normally give almost every object a new place during the development, to find the ideal feel and look of the controls. I have removed the train status fields from the control panel, and created a separate module, which can be switched off and on.Also added a new control option, the "Visitor Flow" module. With this advanced option, you can control the flow of visitors. Beside that option, there is a choice to enable the Standby row and the Fastpass row."

We are excited on how close the simulation is ready to be play for the public. We have alot to do from this point and adding features and touches to make it ready for online by Christmas 2008.

**NOTE: Not one single person have emailed me from this blog site to be our beta tester. So you still have a chance to be our beta tester.

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