Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Beta Testers!! EE Update 3

Hello fellow readers,
We at themagical.nl site would like to invite our readers to play and beta test our latest and coming soon simulation..."Expedition Everest"!
5 lucky readers will get a chance to beta test as well give us your honest feedback about the current beta build.
The first 5 readers who's reading this right now and emails me at: sdt@themagical.nl will be able to beta test our coming soon simulation.
You can see the latest updates at our official blog at: http://randydorney.blogspot.com/
We'll let you know if you are a winner to play our simulation.
Thanks and have a magical day!
Simulation Development Team
Email: sdt@themagical.nl
www: http://www.themagical.nl/
"You not just playing a game; you are in control of the game!" - Play the theme park simulations at Themagical.nl

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