Monday, December 8, 2008

EE Update 6 It's almost ready!! December 3, 2008

There's a new update with "Expedition Everest" Simulation. It marks a new update of December 3, 2008.

Below you'll see the latest simulation development update for: December 3, 2008
(Click on the picture to see it upclose.)

The noticeable features has been added:

-See through mountain: part is where you'll see the video image of the yeti tearing apart the tracks. (If you don't know what I mean, google it and you'll see what I mean. ;) )

-Thunderstorm Warning: The weather system feature has been added but not sure it will be ready for the release. We do know its implanted into the game already. We'll let you know when that feature will be added. If not at the release, it will then be an update. A version 2 update along with any bugs that may appear at the official release.

-Mountain Lighting Effects: The blue, green and purple lighting is the real special effect that you would see at the real attraction at Walt Disney World, Florida. It's another added feature that makes the mountain more magical and mysterious. Just that and making the day to night has the coolest effect ever. But that's what I think. ;)

-Failure System: We have programmed and added so many problems that can happen during a real life situation on Expedition Everest ride. It's way more problems with PH and TOT combined. Right now, it's the most programmed failures into this simulation so far!

The webmaster quote on the newest simulation: "Expedition Everest will be our newest simulation, which will be released around x-mas this year. After some months hard work we almost finished this sixth simulation. So again a rollercoaster sim, this one starts different from the previous ones. First you have to add the trains like with the real attraction before you can sen them to the mountain. There are 2 queues, the standby and fastpass queue. You can manage the amount of visitors who visit the attraction (Visitor Flow) by changing the time between the addition of a new visitor to the stage.
We added the failure system, known from TOT and PHM, and this one has more failures programmed this time."

We are getting closer as the month is closing in on us. There's still alot to do on our list before the major release. There's not that many bugs that our beta testers encountered. There is 4 open spots for you to beta test the newest simulation still! So hurry on up and test the newest and latest simulation build today!

Have a magical day!

Simulation Development Team


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