Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Your Vote! Most Popular Simulation! (2008-01)

Recently on themagical's main page, we asked you the users and visitors of the site to vote for your favorite simulation.

From shock and interested by the results, here they are:

And the winner is...

-Tower Of Terror: 47.4% (Winner!! 1st!)
-Big Thunder Mountain: 18.8% (2nd)
-Phantom Manor: 16.2% (3rd)
-Millionaire Play It!: 13.6% (4th)
-Space Mountain: 3.9% (5th)

Quote from the Webmaster/Simulation Creator: "The Tower of Terror simulation got the major amount of votes from the visitors, about 47%!The second place has been taken by the Big Thunder Mountain simulation, runner up is the Phantom Manor simulation.Millionaire Play it! took the fourth place.

I was just wondering why the list ended this way. My personal favorite is the Tower of Terror sim, but I also like the MPi sim. Personally the second place suprises me; the Big Thunder Mountain sim has got a refurbishment in 2007, and it worked out well I see. The simulation has been improved and I added some new effects."

We are happy that you loved TOT as much as we do. I'm looking forward for new future simulations to produce as well can't wait for Expedition Everest simulation to come out real soon!!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's!


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