Sunday, December 21, 2008

EE Sim Update 7!! Main and Score Menu!

Hey all!!
Another exciting update with Expedition Everest Simulation. It's another day getting closer to the release, you can just hear the yeti roaring and the cold crisp air at the top of the broken tracks. :P hehe ^^

Update 7: Main and Scoring Menu:

As you can see below are the most recent add to the simulation. This is the menu that will welcome you on your embark trail hike on the paths you want to do in the game.
Welcome Screen Introduction: (Click below to see upclose. *Subject to change til the release)

You have two options to choose: Start Timed Game and Start Unlimited Game.
~ Start Timed Game: This is where you raced the clock to get as many guests as possible in the ride. You'll get 12 virtual hours to do that and once the time has run out, you can save it on themagical's arcade page and see if you make it into the top leader board.
Score Page in Sim: Thanks for playing! Submit Score! (Click below to see upclose. *Subject to change til the release)

~ Start Unlimited Game: This is where you can play as unlimited time you want (no clock timer here) as well no scoring either. This can be your practice time to see if you can get many guests as well brush up on your speed and then try the competitor mode. :P We have tough gamers on the site, so we'll see who can make it in the top leader board for this game! :D
The game is so close to be finished!! I can't wait for myself either to play online! :D
Until then,

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