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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorry for the low profile

Hey There!

First of all I want to say to my readers, I'm sorry for a low profile since last month and starting this month.

Last month in March, I had a family emergency and it took me to recover from the situation. Right now everything is alright and I thank those who follow me via Twitter ( your kind remarks from the situation.

Also the same time as well our webmaster/founder of Themagical has a family emergency as well. So I was helping on the front end of Admin at Themagical for the time being when we recovered to full health.   

We appreciate our community & readers for keeping in touch with us via email to check up on us during those difficult times we both encountered.

For now, we are all ok and things have returned to normal.


Monthly Links: APRIL

Here's the TOP links for the month of "APRIL" that you the readers seems to enjoy reading very much!







 Breaking NEWS!!

We got the "all-clear" from Themagical team that the game is READY but still minor fixes for website to be ready for the public!

The game build has been ready but we've been with talks with the webmaster at on a 'how to play' section for those who are new to playing the simulation game.

Josh has been really busy with his daily life activities that has slowed down the launch for the game. Due to this we've been fixing the simulation as for the general public launch and as well making sure the game play is meeting quality standards.

We'll be announcing here when the game will be launched for public use! We want to thank our beta testers who have been helping us with their bug related issues.

Keep up to date with us through this blog and as well our Twitter feeds where updating constantly with the #SteelForceSimulation hash-tag on Twitter.

Founder/Webmaster of Themagical:
Reighard's Twitter:


Closing Thoughts:

Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation of following what's happening at Themagical & simulation project experience!

Keep up dated and Stay Tuned for more updates to come!

Until Then,


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