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Monday, August 8, 2011

Behind the Scenes: Soarin

Hey Everybody!

As you may already previously announced that our Staff Member "Josh" has been working very hard on this new experience for ! We are very quite impress of the progress of the simulation has been since the day of 'Blue Sky' talks to the first day of actually creating it to LIFE!

Since its been 'hush hush' on the down-low on how it looks or even how its going to perform, but as to our readers/community members will be getting an EXCLUSIVE sneak peak of this newest installment of simulation experience.

We're just as excited and anxious for the final release to the general public that will be debuting on Themagical's main website !

Let's get more details on this new installment of simulation for Themagical!

--Behind the Scenes: Soarin--

HTML 5 : Whole New Level of Interactivity! As the web progress to develop and grows into new realms of having audiences viewing their website, web developers has been on the cutting edge technology of bringing new levels of interactivity on the world wide web. HTLM5 is going to be and will be the new 'Flash' platform to bring website interactivity to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL to the website experience.

Flash was and still is the industry standard to develop websites and as well interactive online games. With Themagical, Flash is the main program that is used to build these games that you see on the website with of course running on pixie dust 'magic' to make it come to life. ;)

Just as Disney Imagineers create new projects, they are on the edge of using the newest technology to bring their 'story telling' to life. We are no different. We are as well trying new things with new media outlets that helps us reach out to our audiences than ever before in the past. HTML5 will help us get to that point and as well in the future to move on from using Flash for future upcoming simulations!

HTML5 Coding Sampling: In the section below, this is the hard coding of what's currently using on the new 'Soarin' simulation that will be later debuting on main website!

--HTML5 Coding--

(*Click on the image to see in lager view.)

- No Flash needed: This is a interesting move for us to test to see how the simulation development process differs from creating under the Adobe Flash Program as well keeping the same quality and feel of Themagical experience.

Since Flash isn't going to be the foundation of this simulation, the foundation will be the coding that creates websites. This new form of website coding will help us achieve the interactivity that you are used to with our current simulations and as well our *mobile/ gaming platforms users will be able to try too. (*Note: Simulation may differ from the PC experience when using mobile/gaming platforms browsers.)

- Reliable Performance: For *mobile users will be happy to know that when playing the game, you'll see if any battery drainage or no affects of battery drain. This is great on long play for couple of hours. Not only mobile users but PC experience will notice that smoother rendering and performance while playing in their browser verses using a Flash Player. (*Note: Simulation may be not available on all smartphone devices and may see some issues to access the webpage on unsupported devices.)

Not only mobile users will notice that even less CPU usage will be needed to run the game. Meaning, your computer won't need to run faster just to have a better gaming experience. HTML5 harness the graphics card on your computer to help run faster, smoother, and even have a more at easy simulation experience while playing the game.

This will help on low-end (older pc's) that aren't fast due to hardware/graphic card low specs will be able to run this simulation without a lagging performance on their machines.

Well, trusting this helps you for a bit on curiously wondering about the 'FIRST' simulation not using Flash. We'll be adding more as the progression continues!

Until next time!


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