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Saturday, August 13, 2011

2 Builds from now to beta-ready!

Hello My Fellow Readers!

I'm happy to announce that the most asked, the most desired, the most eager to try "Steel Force Simulation" will be 'beta-ready' from 2 builds from NOW!

2 builds from what.....???

2 builds from now....what?? I guess you are wondering, 'What in the world is 2 builds from now mean??' Ok ok, let me explain folks.

In the development phases, we the team create build numbers to show the most current, most updated, and mostly up to date release of the current projects that we do. This way is to help us keep track on what's needs to be done and what's the newest project release internally in our staff group.

I can confirm from talks with Martijn (webmaster/founder of & Josh (webmaster/founder of & Team member of the Simulation Development Team) that from the 'internal' build that we have on hand, 2 builds from it will be dubbed 'beta-ready'.

This will be a HUGE milestone and this will be first release to our beta testers first. This will be our exclusive insight testings that we'll be gathering from our "ELITE" group members to make sure all bugs, features, and different computer settings/browser settings are working as it should on all levels of quality standards of &

Current Build Number: 2011-07-24/003

Below is a ::CONFIRMED:: *image of the latest build number in action! (*NOTE: Slight cut off image due to confidential work still not ready for public release viewing yet.)

So how long will it be out??

We'll let you know once I get the final wording from "Josh & Martijn's approval" to be released to our beta testers.

Due to the high demand of being a beta tester for only the 'Steel Force Simulation', we may push it to public 'beta-ready' release since I know MANY of you would love to get your hands on this! And trust me, I don't blame you either! hehe LOL!

Up to the minute updates!

Please follow: @Themagical & @Randydorney via twitter for the latest updates on this new project soon to be releasing to 'beta-ready' status!! Or you can look to your right to watch the latest tweets on this blog. *wink* -------->

Closing Remarks:

We are so excited to hear from you guys on the latest project we are doing for website partnership. We've been getting more anxious to hopefully the communities won't be disappointed or given up on us since the huge delays of this simulation project.

Don't Worry! We are still hard at work and well be happy to be releasing this 'beta-ready' (not final version product) of the 'Steel Force Simulation'.

See ya all in 2 builds from now!

Until then,


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