Monday, February 23, 2009

What should the next simulation should be?

Hey guys,

One from our users of themagical "disneyfan506" posted a poll of the most discussed topic on themagical forum community.

VOTE NOW! Poll for what should the next simulation should be. There are 9 choices to choose from.

NOTE: You can only choose once!

The poll will stay live till the simulation team is ready to make a new sim.

Here is the link to the poll:

Other simulation news:

Our user from themagical "Mimon" posted on the forums in relation to simulations.

Quote: "Hi all ! I'm french and i'm very happy to say that the new simulation from DLRP NEWS about Crush Coaster will be out tonight ( France hour ) so in maybe 4-5-6 hours ( i don't know really ). And a "How to" work the simulation , in this link:
See you later !" ~mimon

Thanks to "disneyfan506" for making this polling available and "mimon" for finding this great find of a simulation. ;) :D

Have a magical day!


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