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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall is now HERE!

Hey Everybody!

Fall is "OFFICIALLY" here! The summer season has now came to a close as leaves are now changing colors, weather getting cooler outside, and fall produce are now ready for harvesting.

Do you like the fall time? Is there any of your favorite things you like to do during the fall? What about your favorite fall meals you like to enjoy?


::Simulation Updates::


As you already know of the progress of the newest FIRST-OF-ITS-Kind HTML5 simulation "Soarin" from the recent postings on our Facebook page from team member Josh:

Quote: "Soarin' update! For the past two months I've been trying to resolve a roadblock I hit in my code related to getting people to sit down in their seats. After a lot of thought and adjustment, I think I have finally resolved the issue. Hopefully this means I can finally start moving forward again!" - Josh (August 19, 2012)

Though no new information about the simulation has arise since then. We've been getting emails about the possible 'beta testing' of this simulation, even though we aren't taking any requests at this time for it. 

We'll keep you posted on details on that once we feel its 'beta-ready' to be tested.

Epcot's TEST TRACK: 

We've been in stand-by mode (Blue Sky Phase Development) since the announcement of 'Soarin' simulation development in favor of releasing a faster simulation creation with the new format of HTML5.  

We've haven't abandon this simulation nor its progress of this simulation at all. We feel 'Soarin' simulation will
help us stand out from the rest as being the first simulation to be able to play on your portable devices like Android, iOS devices, Gaming Consoles, etc...

Though this new format is a learning curve due to its being a new interactive element that is now being the 'NEW' web standard for interactivity with it not using Adobe's Flash.


::Community Feedback::

We've been recently getting feedback from our community members/readers with our progress on our simulation development.

Here's our responses to them:

Q.) Why has it been taking so LONG for creating an simulation??

A.) Simulation creations usually take about 1 year or 1 1/2 years to develop in general. We do this creation process on our 'free' time in our daily schedules. Based on this, it can slow down or even halt on developments due to work, family, emergencies, etc.... 

Q.) If it takes so long, hired more people to your team. Can I join the team??

A.) Currently, Josh, Martijn and myself is the entire development team. We don't get paid for our creations nor our time on these developments. Programming in Adobe Flash and/or in HTML5 takes time and as well skill to do these games. We look for people who have STRONG knowledge of these programs so that we can make this development process fast but still have the quality of detail in each simulation we create. We aren't currently looking to add to our team at this time.

Q.) Don't you guys get paid for these simulations or a company that can endorsed you guys?

 A.) We don't make money from these simulations or get paid to create these simulations. Due to the copyrights on these simulations, it will be against the copyright holders terms of use agreements to make any money from these simulations.  We know Disney is watching our site and we have good terms with them based of our simulations creations. We won't be allowed to be sponsored by an company to create simulations because how sensitive the material we create is copyrighted names, likeness, audio, logos, etc...


::Closing Thoughts::

 Thank you again for reading this post! We are sad that summer came by so fast again another season but there's always next season!

Have a great fall season!

- Reighard

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