Saturday, July 9, 2011

Thank you for your concern!

Hey all,

Sorry for any new post, its been a busy week for me and working like crazy!!! I hope you all are having a great summer (stay-cations) vacations for those who are out of school right now or enjoying a nice break for the summer time.

This posting is about you the community and how you are special to us by how you are emailing us your questions and concerns about the progress on the 'Steel Force Simulation' project for website.

Unfortunately, due to server issues/hard drives crashes, the project at 80% was stopped due to problems on the founder/webmaster computer. This caused a huge delay since all back ups were last updated but not current saving, meaning we had to start over to where it was last saved on a data backup driver.

This made us to push the development into the following current year of 2011. With newer coding on this Simulation than previous simulations made for Themagical, its making us to learn new coding languages as the webmaster from wanted from the very beginning as well the move for the webmaster of Themagical/Simulation Development Team to push ourselves to learn new material as we develop the 'Steel Force Simulation' project.

Not only the delays were based on the crashes, this is also due to family emergencies, work schedules, limited free time, sickness, and as well other activities that we do with our families and friends outings/vacation breaks. We are doing our best on the limited free time we have to in order to create this simulation.

All our simulations to date has been based on our free time in our daily life activities and we are NO WAY being payed for our work done on the simulations at all. We do this because we enjoy the rides/attractions of Disney and other amusement parks that keeps the passion alive in us to create these simulations for you to all to enjoy!

We are very sad how the progress has been going so far but its been picking up from the last crash on our project. We are making daily saving on our progress so in case of a data crash, we'll be ready to being where it left off. This will help us from not losing ground from the last problem crashed on the hard drive.

We are about 2 milestones away from right now to "VERY SOON" to start the beta testing process FINALLY! Which is the queue line setup options and as well the transfer animations for the roller coaster trains format to match the real life operation at the Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom amusement park.

We are happy that you are interest of our progress and we are sorry for the delays.

Keep an eye on our blog, twitter feeds and website for more 'upcoming updates' ! ;)

Until then,


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