Monday, July 25, 2011

+1 the articles I write? :)

Hey all,

I thought from the articles I push out each week, I thought a little feedback would be great! :)

For the "Google+ 1 button", you don't need an account to give it a "thumbs" up or "like" for example. All you do if you like the article, just give it a click and it will give it an "+1" vote.

What is the 'Google +1 Button'?

It is similar concept as Facebook "Like" button for search results. But in Google +’s it’s your mates way to say “this is pretty cool” or “you should check this out”. It’s a public way to stamp something with your own approval, so your guys and peoples on the web get the best results when they search.

If you could take a few extra minutes of reading an article that I wrote, please give it a "+1" or "tweet" it through the handy buttons that is added after each post I write.

Don't forget to do it as well on Themagical's website too! :) This helps the community and our readers to get an understanding what 'Themagical" is all about and as well how you can support us also.

More news on the 'Steel Force Simulation' beta release will be coming up real soon! So stay tuned!

Thanks again!


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