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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Instant Win Contest!

Hey Folks!

As special guest on "Cosmic Reid's Starlight Cafe" radio show, we'll be EXCLUSIVELY ONLY an Instant WIN game contest on the show!!

We are very happy and excited to share this fun contest to our community and listeners of the show to be introduce to Themagical.

These are the ONLY times you can INSTANTLY WIN on radio show.

Here's the rules on how to WIN!

- Tune in on: Feb. 28th at 1pm / 7pm EST and/or March 3rd at 7pm EST
- Listen for a special music song / sound effect during the broadcast and the time in order to WIN!
- You must be following @randydorney via Twitter (
- Send a Direct Message via Twitter @randydorney with your name, email address, and when the sound clip played during the broadcast.
- One entry per email account / per twitter message .

No more requests after the air-date: Once the radio show has been concluded, there will be no more release after the exclusive air-dates listed above. This is your chance to win the simulation before the 'beta-ready' version has been released to the beta testers/general public.

Be sure to join us in the chat room on the website too!

**Chat room at . Click on "Chat room" banner at the top navigation of the site. Enter a screen name and click "login".

**NOTE: The chat room isn't monitored by and isn't part of Network. This chat room is part of Cosmic Reid's Starlight Cafe website. PLEASE OBSERVE THE RULES AND BE ON YOUR BEST BEHAVIOR. Thank you.

We hope you can win this special version on Cosmic Reid's Radio Show! Remember is only a beta version and isn't the full version of the game.

Talk to you real soon in the chat room if you'll be able to make it to listen in!

Until then,


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