Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tweet Meet? Would you be interested?

Tweet Meet? Would you be interested?

It's been several years we've been thinking about this concept for a long time but its been pushed to the back burner to work on other project that we are working on.

Today I was just sitting down at my computer and asked up Tijn about the idea if we get some feedback of our community to see if they were interested of doing our first ever tweet meet?

He said, 'I'll post it as a poll and we'll see what response we'll get.'

If we get a great number of responses and feedback from all of you, maybe we can make it happen and not only to meet up but as well do fun 'magical' stuff too!

What's your thoughts?

Vote today and leave a comment below, we'd be happy to hear what you guys think!

VOTE HERE: www.themagical.nl



Email: sdt@themagical.nl

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