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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reflections of 2010

Hey Everybody,

As you already know that the "New Years" is just right around the corner and many of you are thinking of your resolutions or maybe not.

It's been awhile as you heard from me, and I thank you all for stopping by during your holiday festivities (or other practice that you follow) to read up what's happening with us here at '' .

Steel Force Simulations Update: Progress continues 12.26.10

Recently via Twitter @themagical, there's still progress of the simulation but its been hard since under the weather of being sick and lack of free time due to work, family activities, and holiday celebrations.

We really appreciate your great patience with the team at Themagical and we are hoping to bring out the beta-ready preview.

Yes, its been a long time since you've heard anything from us. We understand how you feel as well too want you too to enjoy the hard work we've put into the game so far to this point.

It's great to hear the feedback of being testers and to see how the progress that you've seen back in November of this year.

Hang in there folks! We'll announce it when its "beta-quality" according to Themagical Team & standards for public testing.

If you still want to be part of our beta-testing, we are still accepting people who haven't joined in the elite group of testers. Send an email: You'll get a special email from me to do what's next to fill the requirement to be a beta tester for the 'Steel Force Simulation'.

--- Reflections: Recap 2010 ---

It's been a interesting year for Themagical and we are going to go closely on this year's milestones.

SF Sim with Beta Testing: "We been getting a great response from our visitors to our site and as well our readers from the blog that you are eager to be part of the beta testing!" Progress is still on going but slowly due to circumstances of our daily lives with makes our free time hard to get to developing."

SF Sim: Actionscript 3.0 First Milestone Upgrade Performance: "The performance on the new Action Scripting version 3.0 has been tremendous with the so far progress of the Steel Force Simulation that it will be the foundation of the upcoming simulations and possible newer content."

New Friends: Radio Show and Website, and "With a new addition to the TM Network, we are happy to connect with a new pals of ours and looking forward to be doing fun things with them."

New Blog Update UI: "Our blog got a new UI (user interface) to keep it fresh and more stable on many browser platforms and as well mobile users. We feel a nice update and bugs in the coding makes it more easy to use and as well viewable for the mobile platform devices."

Wii Compatible Simulations: "Tested and Capable for the Wii Gaming System, our simulations from Themagical can be played just like you would play on your PC. Without being near your computer, you can have your gaming platform device to use the Wii Internet (Powered by Opera Browser) to play your favorite simulation."

Themagical's 10th Birthday: "Celebrating 10 years online since 2000! A great accomplishment and milestone for Themagical being online for all those years. We thank you "our community" for helping us out with your feedback and support. Just because the 10th birthday has soon to be passing at the end of the year, doesn't mean we have something up our 'magical selves'. ;) "

Themagical Presents: Reighard Live Show (Beta): "From March 26, 2010 to July 22, 2010 short lived Live Show was one way we wanted to have a fun way to interact with our visitors on our website community and as well have special guests on our show into the mix. I myself had a great time on the show and how many people would actually came to see and view our site during that time. Sadly, it didn't do as well as we thought and yet needed to be taken down due to low viewers, low ratings, and lack of audience interaction. We enjoyed the times on the show and hoping to find new ways and paths to bring newer content for our community to enjoy. Of course you can still use our Skype line to chat with us via Skype. Search "randydorney or reighard1" via Skype and we'll love to chat up with ya! :) Special Thanks: Tyson & Networks. He has helped us since the very beginning and started a new friendship with them and as well got us some connection to get us on our feet. We thanked him so much for the opportunity for myself to talk to awesome fellas and talk shows via and website."

Tweet Meet: Would you be interested? "As this been a thing the Themagical have been thinking of doing for quite sometime and we are wondering what would our community thought about it. Now even though the term 'tweet meet' was for referring to our 'twitter followers' via @Themagical (Tijn's Twitter Feed) and @Randydorney (Reighard's Twitter Feed), it doesn't exclude our community from Themagical's website either. We really want to hear your thoughts and feedback to see if this would come to a reality if we get a good serious feedback. Our polls has been active and its looks pretty solid numbers as taken by 12.30.10 by writing this blog post. If it comes to a new poll numbers, we'll keep you posted on something in the works to have an event. If not, well it sounded like a cool idea to us. Let us know, we are wondering what you think as well. Comment on the forums, email us, and send DM's via Twitter. We loved to hear from you! :) "

---Closing Thoughts---

As this blog post comes to a closed, I feel that I must make a special thank you to my readers of this very blog!

Thanks to you, I'm able to keep on going with great articles to you guys for your personal enjoyment and as well seeing what's happening with us here at

Yes, you are getting the link via Themagical and web searches online but overall you are checking out this blog. It makes me feel that you enjoy reading and as well view special content that only our blog readers gets to read here.

Thank you for joining me on my adventures this year as it was quite eventful year for myself and Themagical Team as well.

Keep it here for the latest developments news, information of the Simulations, and as well fun stuff to read!

To a great 2010, looking forward for a more magical year in 2011 with you all!

Have a magical New Year and a 'fresh' start in 2011!

ºoº SEE YA REAL SOON IN 2011 PALS! ºoº



Co-Admin of Themagical / Simulation Development Team
Skype: randydorney

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