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Special Interview with Carteerio from

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Today we have a special treat for you! Carteerio from SDT Research Team was nice to do a special interview for us so you can read!

Below is the interview!



Q1.) How did you hear about site?

A.) Well... it's a funny story. it was early December of 2007 when I was waiting around the airport with my mom's coworker who was on the computer at the time..

he and I hung out for a little bit in the baggage office (as he worked for the airlines) and he showed me the Tower of Terror simulation.

Right when he showed I was very very excited to see a Disney sim that was just so.. awesome.
A little bit later on (about a day) I soon discovered to other three simulations (as there were only four at the time) and was completely amazed.

After finding all four, I soon joined the great community of to get a bit more attached to these sims. ... finding out that the next one would be so far away... four months.

Q2.) If you had a choice of a Disney Simulation from, what is your ultimate favorite and why?

A.)I really don't have a strict answer. When there were only four out, my definite favorite was Tower of Terror because of its exciting features and the constant rush being busy, whether it was loading, starting, and unloading the pre-show... as well as operating the ride system itself!! A definite second at this time was the Bug Thunder Mountain sim, mainly because it's one of my favorite rides when visiting Disneyland.

After the recent sims such as Millionaire Play It! and Expedition Everest were released, I grew very attached to the two much similar to my past choices. Probably now, my favorites are as follows:
1.Expedition Everest, 2.Tower of Terror, 3.Millionaire Play It!

Q3.) So what's your part of team and what do you do?

A.)Well, when I first got into the simulation way back last year in January 2008, I really tried to help the Sim Development Team (SDT) with the details of the current sims.

Once MPI was released and EE was on its way to the draw board, I soon started back up and helped with the recent promotion, "Magical Wishes", in which I gave a few primary sketches for the "Beta Tester" banners that were distributed to the winners.

When October came, I took a trip over to Walt Disney World to take many photos of our recent proect, Expedition Everest. When the Beta testing phase came through, I helped by testing the builds of the simulation and gave off more ideas as to how to make it better. Once the sim was released, I was announced as SDT Research Assistant for

Q4.) What simulation would you like to see to the

A.)Well, this is difficult to answer. I would love to see more roller coaster sims such as Rock N Roller Coaster and Matterhorn, I feel it is best for us now to give a more diverse group of simulations.
So, in my best interest it would be for an Indiana Jones Adventure simulation, but I would also love to see a complete new ride theme, such as a water ride like Splash Mountain

Q5.) Is there anything you would like to say to our readers of this blog?

A.)Yes definitely. I would love to hear anyone's suggestions, ideas, or comments about the sims! The more feedback the better in order to make the best Disney Simulations out there.


Thank you for reading and thank you for "Carteerio" from site for taking time for us to have this special interview for you readers.

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