Sunday, January 4, 2009

Expedition Everest version 1.5.0!

Happy New Year!! We hope you start off the new year great and waiting the new beginning of 2009.

Well, after the major december 25, 2008 release of Expedition Everest you guys encountered some bugs glitches as well made suggestions to be added to the game to make it better control.

WE'VE LISTENED! We have implanted the new suggestions and bug reports to give you version 1.5.0!!

Here's the changelog: version 1.5.0
- visitor flow can now be controlled seperatly for standby and fastpass rows.
- fixed bug not moving maintenance area track.
- fixed bug removal to Maint.Area of train at station 2.
- optimized some coding
- added help at VisitorFlow function.
- redesigned the Entrance Counters.
- optimized loading station buttons.
- full screen mode. (Compatible for: IE 7 (and earlier), Firefox, Safari, and Opera. Other browsers will work fine as well)

In version 1.5.0, you've should notice a better stablity, smoother, and faster performance to the game experience. The tweaking of coding has made the game a much more better performance to game play than being really sluggish.

Keep updated here and the forum page for the latest updates!

Happy 2009! :D


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