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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Hello October....Simulation Updates and Bug Fixes

Hello October!

Welcome to the month of October!  Here in the United States, we are experiencing the changes of the seasons.  From the summer hot sun to cool cold crisp air, the changes of tree leaves from green to reddish orange.

This time of season also have the fall harvest of all types of pumpkins, squashes, and apples!  Hot apple cider, hot chocolate and fuzzy sweaters to keep us warm while enjoy the cool crisp air.

Also its a big event where many children dresses up (and adults too) in fun and festive costumes for Halloween.  Nice and enjoyable parties and as well the night time spooky scary haunted places at amusement parks before they close for the season.

The team here at Themagical wishes you a 'Happy Halloween' and enjoyable October season!

:: Simulation Updates :: 

Many of our community gamers over at Themagical love the experience of playing the simulations.  At times there may be a bug or an unexpected disruption to the 'magic' while playing a particular simulation.

Martijn (Founder/Webmaster/Simulation Creator) has been busy updating and fixing some of bug issues to few simulations.  In his free spare time this month, he was able to fix/updated/tweaked of some of your issues in relation to bug glitches and game performance.  

Below are some simulations that were updated.

Tower Of Terror (WDW DHS) : **updated v.1.6.1

Few of our members message on our forums with an issue with some of the 'elevators', 'guests', and other bug related issues.

- Version Number: Changed from v.1.6.0 to v.1.6.1 to reflect the bug fixes/updates.
- "Show Fullscreen" Button: Doesn't work when clicked. (*fixed)
- Elevator Sequence For Loading/Unloading: An elevator is fully loaded and automatic doors turned off, the door won't close. (*fixed)
- Visitor Loading/Unloading Bug: Peeps can also load/unload the pre-show rooms without the doors being open. (*fixed)
- **Added 2 New Videos: Coding was broken/re-established for in-game experience. (*fixed)
- Bug Issues: Found new bug issues in build v.1.6.0 (*fixed)

Phantom Manor (DLP) : **updated v.20150928-010

- **Added Version Number: Added Coding Version Number to reflect update changes/future tracking changelog
- Version Number: Changed to reflect bug fixes/tweaks v.20150928-10
- Background Music: Revamped in-game music audio. (*fixed)
- Game Performance: Frame rate have been update/tweaked for improved game experience.
"Play the Phantom Manor Simulation" Button: URL address pointed to wrong webpage link to a blank screen. (*fixed/corrected URL link)

Did you find any issues in these games or other simulation games?  Voice your issues or comments to our simulation forums pages.

Until Then,


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