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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Behind The Scenes: Soarin' Visitor Engine

Hey There Friends!

After a long delay of news and canceled contest (until things on my end are fine), I had a nice talk with Josh about the progress of Soarin Simulation.

From our talks, we've discussed the progress of the development of the game. So below I'm going to do a small Q/A interview from our talks.



Soarin Simulation: Visitor Engine 2.0 (milestone)



(*This was taken from our Facebook chat session.)


Any news on Soarin progress?

Been working on it a lot lately. Debugging the math that calculates the paths, going pretty well

OOoooh! Nice, that's great news to hear! Excellent!

Once thats done, i debug the the part of the visitor engine that finds routes among the paths. Of course once the visitor engine is done, the sim will be very near done.

From that part of the visitor engine, what would be the next thing to make it a beta/final release? jw

Well first of all, there are two halves two the visitor engine, and I'm finishing up the first half now. the second half is partly done but not tested yet after the whole visitor engine is done, there will be very little left just fixing bugs and adding the ride failures.

Oooooohhh...that's awesome about the progress about the first visitor engine!

I'm very excited about this visitor engine if it works the way I have planned.

What's the visitor engine you have planned that makes you excited?

The visitor engine I'm working on now is "smart". The old one I had was complex to setup paths, control, and move peeps. The new one has pretty complicated math behind the scenes, but calculates and links the paths automatically. A peep specifies a goal end point, and the engine can automatically figure out which paths to take to get to that point. It is extremely flexible! I should add, this engine is designed to be flexible for much more beyond just the Soarin' simulation. My goal is 'Rollercoaster Tycoon' flexible, but 'smarter' as in peeps being able to find their way around better.


I hope you all enjoyed this update about the progress of the latest simulation coming soon to 

Until then,


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brian said...

That's great to hear! Keep up the good work!