Thursday, November 29, 2012

Themagical's Future: HTML5 and beyond??

(Coming Soon???)

Hey Everybody!

Trust you are all doing fine as the upcoming holiday's is upon us!  As we are just starting up on our Christmas shopping and celebrating holiday festivities, Themagical staff wishes you all have a safe and healthy holiday season.

As we are still working on projects at Themagical, I bet you are all wondering how's the progress has been going and looking forward to new updates.

Soarin Progress:

Here's the latest update on the HTML5 Soarin Simulation:
"I last mentioned a few weeks ago that I was working to fix a bug in Soarin's peep/visitor code. As usual, this has turned into a complex task. The good news is that the updated peep engine should be extremely flexible and intelligent. In fact, it could easily be useful not only in future ride sims, but also much bigger projects, like a whole park for example. I have a pretty big idea brewing for the future, and all the code I write for Soarin' is done with the future in mind. This is why it is so important for me to get it all right the first time." - Josh Stauffer (November 1, 2012)

Why HTLM5 over Flash??

We feel that from this first of its kind HTML5 simulation, this will not only put us on the map of having this kind of interactivity but to help usher new and faster simulation content to and respectively.

From the development of Josh, this will bring newer content and interactive to all type of devices! This type could bring not only to PC's but to smartphones as well.  Even by developing expanded code to allow larger projects into the future under one roof!

Flash is such a great tool to bring such creation to life from our simulations.  But since the future is now HTLM5 and CSS is faster deploying by major companies like Apple, we need to reach our broader audience who views our website by mobile/tablet devices.

Flash hinders this experience via mobile because the hardware in the devices can only support a low end of Flash player version.  In cases, some mobile devices doesn't allow such Flash content due to the fact of security breaches in the past and as well resources hog.

Slow experience can and will bring the enjoyment to an halt by people who are using them. We feel that we want the best possible experience while playing our simulations on any platform devices.  That means, learning new ways to bring that to you.  

By which this brings me into my next topic.....

HTML5 Application (app) Program:

In the past, we've told you that we can't create an iOS app because of copyrights with Disney.  But because of how we create our simulations isn't copyright based and nor endorsed by the Disney Company. 

Even though with the Legal department of Disney, we still feel that making an app can void those terms because we can't OWN the rights to the logos, music, name branding, etc... when creating the app.

With that in mind, we can host our simulations on the website and without you downloading an program to play them.  Some of you are saying about 'offline content' without being connected to the internet. 

You can save them within your web browser to save 'offline webpages', so that not only you can play the simulation but you won't be connected to the internet to play them.

We are still looking for ways to bring you content to your smartphone, gaming consoles, and tablet devices.  Who knows into the future you could see Themagical simulation app within your favorite platform device...for example Windows 8 app?

What are your thoughts?  Leave us your comments on our facebook group page and email us!

Until Then, 

Co-Admin of Themagical/ Simulation Development Team


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