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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Beta News Update! 1/6/2011

Update Version: 1/6/2011

Hey Everybody!

Just to give a heads up to those who are wondering about anything in relating to "Beta Testing".

I'll answer the top questions that I've received via email and on our forums: (**These questions will be added to our "Beta Testing FAQ" page on this blog.)


Q.) Has there been any news about when they are going to start up?

A.) No, there hasn't been any words of when we'll be starting our testings yet. It will be starting once the 'Themagical / Staff' feels that the simulation is 'beta-quality' standards before any internal/external public testing starts.

Q.) Have they release the first beta testers group to test the latest simulation build?

A.) No, none of the testing has started yet. If you are part of the group list, you'll be getting an email when it will be starting and as well we'll notify via the website/twitter/blog when we'll start it up. Trust me, you'll won't want to miss this event once we announce it to the public! :D ;)

Q.) Is there going to be a 'Wii' version simulation so I can test it on my Wii system?

A.) There hasn't been any word from on releasing it online so that Wii players will be able to play on the simulation. Once we get an official word, we'll let you know.

Q.) Do I have to download the simulation on my Wii system so I can play it at future use?

A.) No, you don't have to download the simulation. The *flash game will load onto the web-page and NOT your SYSTEM. That's the only time it will "load" onto the website page to view it. (*Please note, this is still in the works and may or may not be available on beta-ready or final release.)


Thank you for your questions! We appreciate your concern and eager to try out our simulation project that we are doing with!

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Until Next Time!


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